Now who would have thought a pastor would be hiding a drug habit?



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Replies to This Discussion're pretty close!  Here's the addendum to the article...


(By the way: If you're thinking Wow, all this story needs is a stripper, guess what? Tims and his wife divorced in 2009 after he confessed to a one-year affair with a stripper. That's megachurch pastor bingo, right?)


I find this very sad.  If he had only applied his talent and charisma to reason instead of fraudulent "prosperity gospel" - which is only nominally christian, and based on nothing but marketing hope and hype to the gullible.  We need talent and charisma.

Yeah, but that doesn't get you the mega church with all of the free flowing (tax exempt) cash to spend on strippers and drugs!


Mega church pastor = Charm, charisma, and a Mcbible.

I just read that on the news.  I am sure they have a lot of dirty secrets they are hiding.
In Illinois we had the pastor with the 300,000 dollar gambling addiction ... and the hordes of his sheep who, when confronted, insisted on defending him.
I want to see a pix of the body at the scene!  ;>
Well, now THAT is just dark!  (Not sayin' I don't agree, but it's pretty dark).
A minister...on drugs...but Jesus took all the bad stuff in this guy's life away...!!  This can't BE!!!  Ah well, he was born again--maybe he can be born again, again... (maybe THIS time it'll take)...  
It's sad that this guy was a hypocrite true, and sad that he had a drug addiction that he'd obviously fought previously.  The good you can hope might come out of this is that is could make some of the congregation stop and think; especially if there are some who are already at the "secretly doubting" stage.  In my home town, there is this church of about 1000, very charismatic, and it had a really good reputation amongst the other churches as being relevant to young people etc.  Then it was found that the pastor was having an affair with one of the other church elders.  Again, whilst we can point at it and go "typical religion", I hope that ultimately it makes people at least realise that religion doesn't equal morality and possibly it might stop christians at that church leaning so heavily on their leaders and reading the bible for themselves which should lead (eventually) away from christianity.  But its a hard one, I remember when I knew the bible well enough to realise it was contradictory and I started going to the leaders of my church, how they would take me on a bible runaround with their favourite verses and ignore the others!  Oops, I've digressed!


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