People hold thoughts in their minds that influence what they say and do. Some thoughts are conscious and others are not. Environment and life experiences over the course of a lifetime may change with new information or better understanding of the consequences of thoughts.


In the political life of a nation, especially ones that claim to be democratic, there are many different points of view. Opinions can be thought of as memes, patterns of thought that make a difference in how one participates in political life. They may be conscious or unconscious, and they can be used to stop legitimate government processes.


Some issues are appropriate for government and democratic processes; others are personal and private and are to be decided individually. In our current political climate wedge issues, or memes, create gridlock slowing down legitimate government processes and bringing us to a standstill.


Memes that are wedge issues:

*Gay rights and their right to marry.

*Sanctity of marriage.

*Women’s right to choose abortion.

*Family planning.

*Religious faith, churches and cults.

*Teaching Creationism in public schools.


Issues that government should address:

* Energy.

* Security.

* Wealth inequality.

* Epidemic disease.

* Global climate change.

* Nuclear proliferation.

* Genocide

* Scientific knowledge.

* Rational discussion.

* Secular politics.


USA is a secular nation with strict separation of church and state. It is an important fact and one that must be taken seriously as we look to the coming elections. 

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