48,000 people were studied.

""It was surprising to see that men forget more than women. This has not been documented before. It was also surprising to see that men are just as forgetful whether they are 30 or 60 years old. The results were unambiguous"

I don't have a memory problem at all.

Who took the damn car keys? I've looked everywhere for them!

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Men aren't forgetful SB.. They just don't listen to begin with. Your keys are right there on the counter where I told you I would leave them. Either there or behind the milk. Lol

I'm sorry. What were we talking about?

That looks like an interesting article.  I'll have to read it!

What did you say?  Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.


I don't believe you.

Meds sound like a good excuse Mindy.

The best excuse I can think of for forgetting faces is that I was taught that staring is rude.  I still only look at someone for less than a second unless I'm talking to them.  Any longer than that feels like I'm rudely staring.

Why I forget names I do not know.

I keep a set of keys in every pair of pants, so I very seldom forget them.

I keep a Health Record on my computer that I print-out and take with me to every health appointment, so I don't have to guess.  My new doctor yesterday was impressed with it.  That felt good.

Thought it was interesting that we are just as forgetful whether 30 or 60 years old.  I've thought that might be true because according to my poor memory, it seemed to be true of me.

I'm not forgetful. I did put my car keys in the refrigerator one time.

Hey, I'm reading that now they want to deport Justa Beaver. What would Canada do with him?

I knew who he was but I forgot.

Lol Daniel.

My husband is funny; he picks up two things and forgets one, it may end anywhere. He remembers dates and names - I forget those but I remember the stories people told me and how they felt.        

Some men choose not to pay attention and make the women in their household responsible for finding things - that's everyday sexism imo.

Everyday sexism is an everyday power imbalance.

Among those with less power, a good memory has a survival advantage.

That's imnaaho (in my not at all ....)

I have a great memory for all the times I've been forgetful. 




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