'She doesn't flirt or giggle or pout.' What's behind men's discomfort with Greta Thunberg.

Greta Thunberg makes men – especially middle-aged white men – very angry.
“Grating Greta’s a vulnerable young drama queen who should go back to school,” Piers Morgan declared in the Daily Mail.
US president Donald Trump mocked the young climate activist on Twitter.
“She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future,” he wrote. “So nice to see!”................more.........

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And what do they know about autism? They still think it's their right to have beautiful women in their surroundings, who smile, agree with the men and roll over when they want it. 

Amanda Marcotte address this discomfort, in her book Troll Nation. See Birth of a "Troll Nation": Amanda Marcotte on how and why conservat... by Andrew O'Hehir. He says that one of the primary conservative motivating factors is how uncomfortable they are with powerful, intelligent women. Since it's no longer as socially acceptable to just put women leaders down as inherently inferior hysterics,  they sling conspiracy theories to express the emotional argument they need to make. 

Remember that toxic masculinity is very fragile, easily threatened. Such men don't need to speak truth or even make literal sense. When they have no rational grounds, Dominators strike out with loud offended authority, with hostility, to punish or horrify people that refuse to submit. And with fascist laws and force too, of course.

In Doomed, delusional and corrupt: Conflicted about ideology and id..., O'Hehir compares our two major parties...

... Democrats cling to norms and standards of a bygone era, ... and also, ... are driven by principles of dialogue, reasoned discourse and compromise. LOL! Republicans are totally over that shit, and have gone full-on ruthless culture war,... 

They know they can’t win a fair fight on issues and policies, but when it comes to semiotic battle rooted in racism, nationalism and cultural division, they consistently hold the upper hand.

Public discourse has devolved into making meaning through symbols, insults, memes, and rhetorical manipulation. Self-contradiction, invective, and double-speak work. Gas lighting is presidential policy.

In fact, Greta is a moral leader who threatens the death-grip of climate denying GOP politicians and their true constituents, powerful donors. If climate truth is faced, there will be a revolution of some sort, hopefully nonviolent re-empowerment of citizens. Notice that she and the Sunrise Movement do respect science and talk in coherent sentences.

middle aged white man here..i immediately admired her

Yep, we shouldn't lump middle-aged men together. Not all are dicks.

So do I admire Greta.

Men who are insecure about their own self-ownership or identity might be intimidated by such a woman.  They've leaned on their male privilege, probably from the get-go, as a primary means of valuing themselves, and when someone who has the genuine goods calls bullshit, they lose THEIR shit.

Personally, I've liked Greta from the first time I saw her TED talk, and that's a while ago.  I just hope she continues to have traction, because too many times, people and events like these tend to be little more than a flash in the pan.

Case in point: who here remembers who David Hogg is [WITHOUT resorting to Google!]?


And yes, I do remember who David Hogg is. I only google his name to see what he is doing now..

Yes, I really hope this carries on. 

I do. 

The opposition made fodder of the fact (if it was a fact) that he was turned down for admission to Harvard.  I've heard that several people are, every year. 

I also heard from an equally questionable source that he received several unsolicited acceptances. 

He's extremely articulate and he makes sense.

This is a gross generalization.

U show me a man who is intimidated/despises Greta I will show u a Taliban.relugious.right winger. U will see low percent of educated atheist males.

I posted it, I didn't write it.

I assume educated atheist males are less afflicted with toxic masculinity.




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