'She doesn't flirt or giggle or pout.' What's behind men's discomfort with Greta Thunberg.

Greta Thunberg makes men – especially middle-aged white men – very angry.
“Grating Greta’s a vulnerable young drama queen who should go back to school,” Piers Morgan declared in the Daily Mail.
US president Donald Trump mocked the young climate activist on Twitter.
“She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future,” he wrote. “So nice to see!”................more.........

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And hopefully quite a few educated, secure men who are theists as well!

Despite them not making the news, there are denominations and religions where people of different genders are actually equally valued, where as Marie Shear said about feminism's "radical notion", women are people.

Ruth, I also remember you writing, in connection with what we can learn from Apple, Google, Harley-Davidson, and other companies who've cultivated "religious" followings, that creating a sustainable future need not have an atheist litmus test. "It's enough for survival to convince adherents to remove the most toxic elements of their religions, those aspects which threaten everyone's future." (And toxic masculinity indeed counts as such a dangerous belief!)

(Found the link: "Learn from marketing to save us all")

No doubt there are educated and uneducated theists who qualify. But as orthodoxy/piety increase males who qualify decrease. 

Religion is power. Power requires control. Control is in part governed through a strict social order. Preserving that order is threatened by females in general and little upstart Gretas in particular.

While it may be true that some religions are less toxic as are certain sects the reality is that moderates are enablers. Nobody ought to support notions that require us to hit the kill switch on our smarts. nor ought we ever adopt fantastic claims lacking evidence especially when those claims involve us. 

Further..the sleep of reason produces monsters. Any religion at any time cam splinter and that the once moderate transforms into the current monster.

I admire Greta and really find it hard to see why so many are upset with her.

Greta does not flirt, giggle, pout. cry, or scream, she simply tells the truth with confidence and competence. I suppose, as she grows older, she may resort to those other behaviors, but I seriously doubt it. On a Cognitive Bias Quadrant of memory, meaning, information overload, and need for speed, Greta has supreme cognitive qualities in all dimensions!

It is usually in high school that girls develop those behaviors to get boys to notice them so, unless it is different in other countries, I doubt she will do that.

...Greta does not flirt, giggle, pout. cry, or scream...

...which also brings to mind how often, when I hear pop songs in a store's background music, I notice the women singers (never men!) sounding breathy, flirty, or pouty, as opposed to strong, confident, and full-voiced. I'm another of the educated atheist males who admire Greta and other strong girls and women; and I'd like to see (among other things!) music with women expressing their full range of emotions and voice more widely distributed in our culture.

Agreed, & as much as I love music, I don't have many favourite female singers.

Greta doesn't distort her self to appeal to men. As an authentic female with a voice, instead of a typical male-defined teenage girl, she's inherently threatening to those with "precarious manhood". "... the tenants of precarious manhood theory, which says that 1) masculinity involves social status and 2) that masculine status can be easily lost ..."

Men’s beliefs about masculinity can increase their physiological st...

In short, the male gaze is not all-consuming for her. Survival of humanity <ha-ha> is more important than men's egos. Apparently if the entire universe doesn't revolve around ME-ME-ME, some guys are so fragile ...

Do you think we can save the Earth as long as our leaders suffer from precarious manhood? This psychological/cultural deficit could be the Great Filter.

"Precarious manhood" sounds like a foundation of Dominator Culture (based on ranking and hierarchy), with it being an instance of conditional self-esteem often dependent on invidious comparison, as in "I'm OK, you're probably OK, but they're not!"

For humanity to survive we'll need to shift towards a Partnership society, where power isn't "power over" but rather "power with" and "power to".

(Ruth's Partnership Vision group is worth a look!)

(One of the ways I do fit the common guy stereotype is in liking tools... whether it's a power drill or an elegantly made multitool or a specialized tool like a soldering station or a tuning wrench, it's a tangible instance of "power to", a physical instantiation of "I can build something; I can fix something.")

I wonder if the "common guy stereotype" has something to do with life's experiences? I bought a condemned house in 1974 and remodeled it with the help of my father, a carpenter, and my three ten-year-old kids. I spent many hours in the hardware getting pieces, parts, tools for the project and fell in love with hardware stores. Even now, if I want a day out, Michelle takes me to the hardware store to just putz and putter around. 




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