Oh no! I sure hope this does not pass.

I hope the FFRF can help sue to keep this bill from happening.

Oh please NOOOO!


After a good amount of hoopla, Texas Governor Rick Perry is expected to quietly sign legislation allowing public schools to celebrate Christmas and other winter holidays plainly and explicitly without fear of lawsuits.

The proposed law, dubbed the “Merry Christmas Bill,” sailed easily through both the Texas House and Senate and now awaits the Perry’s signature, reports the Dallas Observer. Vote tallies were 145-2 in the House and 29-0 in the Senate.

With Perry’s signature, the law will take effect beginning in fall 2013 — roughly 120 shopping days before Christmas.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/05/29/ho-ho-ho-merry-christmas-bill-exp...

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Quick! Lemme tell my pagan friends back home about it. They'll get lots of Yule and W. Solstice stuff together... It's all good until it's no longer judeo-christian. I bet there'd be some high schoolers willing to do Festivus poles, too.

A high school would be a fertile place for both Feats of Strength and Airing of Grievances!

Seriously, you're right, the Christianists might not like special rights for all religions, not just their own....


Texas conservatives, the leading edge of idiocracy.

LOVE this!

I love that cat Ruth! Thanks!
And yes I agree.

I swear this state makes me crazy. This just scratches the surface of the insanity that is rampant in this blasted state. 

Thank you Brandi for your response.

Oh, this is really great! Perry must think that Christianity (and his brand of it) is all there is. Let this bill pass and EVERYBODY can celebrate anything at Christmas time. And they should! Anything that can possibly be celebrated December 25th should be celebrated, riding under the protection of this bill. "We have a right to celebrate this in our schools" they can say. So be it. Amen.

Next we want to bring prayer "back into our schools where it belongs." Keep in mind that it only belongs there if you are an ignorant red necked American. Only their prayers are accepted, and not all denominations. No Muslims, or "Zoe Roosters," etc. I can see little Johnny praying in school right now.

"God help me to get 100% on this test. Don't help that friggin' Tommy. Let him fail. He didn't even study."

Yes, the Rick Perry's of America do this for the votes of the fundamentalist Christian right. Let there forever be a separation of church and state.


 This bill is stupid and it's going to be very hard, if not impossible, to get around. Some folks can't help themselves. For some reason they're compelled to poop where they sleep. It makes me wonder if they believe there is any correlation between the words "education", "knowledge" (as opposed to "faith", "speculation", "fate" or "divine intervention") and "school". Maybe to them schools are really facilities for socializing. Not special like churches, but just like anywhere else.

Yes, I also vote for Festivus.


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