Well, it's November 1, the day after Halloween.  And we all know what that means.....let the Christmas season begin.  Let's start that long and jolly march to the mall to begin our yearly Christmas tradition of proving our unconditional love for family and our pious reverence to the Lord by spending the largest dollar amount possible; but still hopefully being able to provide basic food and shelter through the cold, dreary winter.  (Pray for me.)

I always dread the day after Halloween because that's when Christmaspalooza kicks in full-force.  Yes, in October I already saw a few tell-tale signs in some retail establishments that this day was coming, but I can never get myself psychologically ready for the known onslaught that is to come. 

The good news is that I'm not alone in thinking that November 1 is entirely too early to begin the Christmas season.  According to this news article

Americans want to finish eating their Thanksgiving dinner before they turn their attention to St. Nick.  According to a new survey, 78 percent of Americans think stores should not play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, and 75 percent say stores also should refrain from Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.

How about that?!  Honestly, I'm rather surprised to see that such a large percentage of people feel the same way as myself.  Perhaps there's hope for the human race, yet.  As an atheist I just want less Christmas and for a shorter period of time.  Obviously, according the the survey, many theists want the same thing.  But alas, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for retailers to make any changes and to honor our wishes.  They have money to make.  After all, they're funding the war on Xmas.      

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A neighbor across the field from us already has his christmass lights out.

Some people never take them down.

I've seen combination Halloween and Christmas lights for sale that can switch between all orange and red-and-green.

Then there are the "LazyMan" Lights switchable for many different occasions (or team or school colors):

I have to admit, that's cool technology. 

Yes! It looks usable for HumanLight, on or around December 23 -- with red, yellow, and blue -- as well as national and other secular holidays. The last color is purple, even though it doesn't show up well in the photo.

(I wouldn't mind something that allowed RGB color mixing, though that would get more expensive!)

Those are some cool lights Grinning Cat!

Yeah the year is just speeding by - it will be here before you know it.

The stores already have all the Xmas stuff out.

They need to start selling ASAP - I saw Xmas stuff displayed before Halloween was even over.

Great article - thanks.

Ah yes, the annual “war on Christmas” - the favorite time of year for the oppressed, abused and ever suffering Christians to whine about the secularists brutal war on the very day of their savior's birth (which it isn't) - they are soooo easy to ignore.
For me and my family it is the time for us to celebrate the love and security of family. To celebrate with food and drink and gifts for all. A time of children and grandchildren on sugar highs to laugh and play. For all their pious pronouncements the Christians are an extreme downer to the season.

Baby Jebus would be very sad.

Well said.  Too often the religious aspect of the current holiday just throws a damp towel on the intended merriment of the original Pagan winter solstice festivals.   

Hear, hear!

There's precedent for holidays evolving away from religious connections: All Hallow's Eve became a thoroughly secular holiday in American culture.

There are few times that I feel more like a stranger in a strange land, than Xmas.  My family's Xmas's were so dysfunctional, I dreaded the holiday as a kid.  Then I grew up and gave up religion, so the religious aspect went down the toilet.  With my family dead now, and my partner being Chinese-raised and not into Xmas, it's even more eerie.  Like, I'm a space alien trying to understand why earthlings are so weird.

Leaving the country is not an option.  So, I'll try to concentrate on things I enjoy, or at least be productive.  This time I'm thinking I'll learn something new.  Maybe I'll take up  beekeeping.  That'll keep me busy.

Sentient I always hated Xmas too! Even when I was a believer. It's always been a horrid holiday.
Beekeeping - that would be a great new thing for you to do. Then you could discuss your bees in my Wildlife Group. I was thinking of making a discussion on the reduction in the bee population.
So beekeeping is more important now more than ever.




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