Meteor flashes over volcano, other volcanoes in the news.

I live close enough to 3 volcanoes, that I can see them while driving in various parts of town.  Mt. St. Helens - Louwala-Clough for native cultures - can be seen from my front window, just barely.  I love anything related to volcanoes.  They remind us that Planet Earth is in a constant state of metamorphosis.

Not in the news unless you look for it, but there has been quite a lot of volcanic activity this year.

A meteor flashed over an erupting volcano in Eastern Russia, Klyuchevskya Sopka.

Kilauea Volcano continued activity in Hawaii.

Volcano activity wasstrengthening around the world. Volcanoes Campi Flegrei in Italy, Sakurajima in Japan, Pavlof in Alaska, Popocatépetl in Mexico and Iturrialba in Costa Rica

Campi Flegrei is a supervolcano, near Naples,  is the largest in  European history, and is stirring a bit now.   Flegrei may have helped kill off our Neanderthal cousins.  "other volcanoes including Rabaul in Papua New Guinea and Sierra Negra in the Galapagos “both showed acceleration in ground deformation before eruption with a pattern similar to that observed at Campi Flegrei"  Half a million people could be at risk if Campi Flegrei erupts.

A spa with geothermal luxury at Sakurajima in Japan.

Mt. Pavlof is one of the most active in Alaska.

Popocatépetl in Mexico giving cause for excitement.

Bogoslof in Alaska suddenly erupts.

Peru/s Sabancaya roared to life.  Awesome video.

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