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That is utterly ridiculous.  That lady is anything but patriotic.  The thought that we should promote "In god we trust" as a our national motto over "E Pluribus Unum" is utterly vile and contemptuous.  We have religious freedom which is clearly meant to separate the state from religion.  These people won't be happy until we are a theocracy
I just threw up in my mouth.
Me too.
Thanks for this post Dave. Its nice to know that only a small minority of representatives are members of this ridiculous House Prayer Caucus, but its sad to know that Michele Bachman is right (apocalypse now?), our national motto is "In God We Trust". I think this should be our next fight as atheists/non-theists. How can Obama even promote E Pluribus Unum if a significant portion of our population is consistently and systematically left out by the rhetoric imprinted on our currency and espoused as our national motto? This motto should have been overturned after the wake of McCarthyism was over, but it seems he and his ilk still have a victory under their belts. Let's get "In God We Trust" replaced with "E Pluribus Unum" as our national motto! That would be one hell of a response by Obama to Bachman and her fellow religious lunatics.

There are certain names that get my blood pressure up just by seeing them.  Michelle Bachman is one of them.  That she and the Congressional Prayer Cactus are pushing religion and telling lies to promote her theolocratic bullshit is no surprise.  Well, actually in her district it might be bison shit, Im not sure.   


I'm more bothered by the fact that people elect her.  What is wrong with those people?  Is her Minnesota district populated by a lost population of Cro Magnon communities?  Should they be included in the endangered species lists?  Or maybe we should find ways to educate her district supporters, possibly bussing in schoolteachers from someplace more literate, say, North Dakota, to teach them reading, writing, and critical thinking.  Sort of a peace corps.  Oh wait, her district includes suburban Twin Cities and St. Cloud Minnesota.  They probably already know how to read and write. Fuck.  Maybe someone put LSD in their water before election day and they thought they were electing the Madonna.


I'm as dismayed by this Neanderthalette as anyone (oops, I just promoted her from Cro Magnon).  She needs to be caught in bed with Charlie Sheen, maybe a menage a trois with what-his-name Santorum, with videos displayed across the land and shown at drive ins in her district. 


Of note, her farm received $251,973 in federal subsidies over 10 years - so much for her anti-government teapartiism.  Preaching antigovernment largesse while her snout is rooting in the trough.

Hah, yeah, don't insult the Neandertals. For that matter, don't insult the Cro Magnons either!
We could strap some fake Moose antlers to her head and turn her loose in Wasilla AK......
I think it was more of an idea that Sarah Palin would shoot her.

And her husband's "we can cure the gay" mental health center received around  $138,000 in government Medicare payments - you know that socialist abomination that wifey wants to abolish.

Look up the definition of batshit, and you'll see a picture of Michele Bachman. I shit you not!!! :P

Another falsehood!  I just looked up batshit on google.  Michelle Bachman isn't even on the first page!  OK, if you look up batshit on google images, Michelle Bachman IS on the first page, but she comes after an image of batboy (who I love) and after Sarah Palin.

Not that I want to defend this, but this article is misleading. No one was saying that E Pluribus Unum is unpatriotic. It was that Obama incorrectly referred to it as the national motto. Whether we like it or not, it is not the national motto, and referring to it as such is sort of a snub to the real national motto: In God We Trust.


Not that it's a bad thing to snub In God We Trust. It has no business being our national motto in the first place, and I'm glad that our president (sort of) acknowledged that.




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