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If as some have suggested that she is simply a huckster or is not ill informed then I look forward to her outing.  It will undoubtedly be satisfying to hear some secretly recorded conversation where she pulls the old P.T. Barnum out or talks about how she uses history as a tool for her political ambitions.  It won't be too long before some enemy - ironically probably from her own party - exposes her as a hack.  I am already getting the popcorn ready...
Me too...I will keep my microwave bag of popcorn next to me while watching the evening news....
Obama has uttered his share of dumb statements such as "57 states" and "shovel-ready" and you probably voted for him. Not defending Bachmann - just stating facts. In the grind of politics and media, candidates say dumb things and misspeak.

Yes, the mis-speak and concentrating on it can be a red herring. 


I think the mis-speaking, gotcha, and arguing about it detracts from the politician's beleifs and actions.  It goes both ways.  For her to make a claim about being like John Wayne, and the supposed importance of the town that he supposedly is from, is as disingenuous as the gotchas about how it wasn't him, it was the serial child killer who was from there, and by the way John Wayne was supposedly a racist draft dodger, etc - what does all of that have to do with how we want the country to run? 


I prefer to hear her attitudes about running the country, economy, war, environment, security, separation of church and state, poverty, health care.....  so far everything I've heard has been scary.

It would certainly be nice to hear her opinions about the separation of church and state... I hear her tea party agenda loud and clear, but her appeal goes deeper than tax relief.   She spends a lot of time gleefully saying 'we can't spend our way out of the recession' and 'President Obama is a one-term president' and 'my husband and I know how to run a business'. 


I want the media to scrutinize her the way they scrutinized President Obama as a senator and 'a questionable patriot'..... she needs to feel that kind of heat in order for the average citizen to see what she's made of.  Her responses will speak volumes.

John Wayne was laughed at by true WWII veterans.  He turned in tons of his fellow actors to the House UnAmerican Committee and recently, I read he tended to hit people who disagreed with him.  If you read about the man, you may find he was one unpleasant fellow.  So maybe she is like John Wayne, in that, he had no problem betraying his friends and the people who helped him. 


I definitely don't want this woman elected President.  I think she would dismantle the VA, the EPA, Medicaid/Medicare, Social Security, the National Park Service and just about everything that is not the military whose pay she would probably cut.  She is no friend to the lower class, the veteran or the environment.  I have no idea how this woman got elected in the first place. 

someone doesn't like John Wayne.


What's hilarious is that when I googled on him, google auto-completed the entry by adding "Gacy" to "John Wayne".  Apparently people are more interested in the killer than the actor.

I agree.  She is such a state's rights advocate that she would define all those government services you mentioned as signs of 'big government waste'.  Chop, chop.  She would probably attempt to pare down the federal government.  She's so pro-homeschooling that I wouldn't be surprised if the Dept of Education was on her fantasy chopping block as well.    "Give power to the local communities" sounds real nice until you realize that real economic disparities exist and opportunities/resources aren't equally distributed across this fair land of ours. Michelle B is delusional if she thinks she represents Americans as a whole.


I think that President Obama understands that the federal government can be more efficient and that reforms need to take place in times of economic distress, but the GOP approach of 'slash and burn' is NOT creating jobs and is certainly not beneficial to the welfare of this nation.  Trimming waste is very important.  Streamlining bureaucracies has been one of the president's goals.  The fact that Bachmann and people like her fail to see the cost of medical care skyrocketing and bankrupting families also shows how out of touch they are with real people trying to pay 'out-of-pocket' because health insurance isn't easy to obtain or affordable.  On a personal level, I have medical coverage but a high deductible...meaning I will have to take money out of savings for the $700 it cost my college age son to have an xray of his wrist and elbow...darn skateboard.

I read today that her and Sarah Palin want to replace the consitiution with the bible.
Did you read it in The Onion?
Indeed, Bachmann is a bimbo... but don't take the threat lightly.  These nutbags are holding up the House of Representatives and working hard on the ground to elect more of them.  If they have their way, they will thrust their agenda down our throats and we will be living in the stoneage!
She represents (besides her greedy self) those that want to divide the USA. So, 'unum' would be a bad idea in that sense...?

She must really hate the new pennies with the EPU shield graphic... and Lincoln on the other side (the bible hater he was) with a little small txt of 'god we...' over his head; yep that penny is a threat to her and her fellow haters' being. fer shirrrrr... waste. poor old cracker folks been getting ripped off by pundit mal-adjusted and mal-educated spectacle corporate brokers w/offshore foreign (totally anti-USA) interests for how long now!??

ever heard the term; they eat their own? cough cough... they pollute the air we breath hello




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