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It could be worse... a wee bit. How would it be if the Phelps family were the Kennedys of the 21st century?
That would be a major insult to the Kennedy's.

Michelle Bachmann likes to lie, and she lies "big".  fact check.  As a christian, shouldn't she pay attention to the Bible's restrictions against lying?


Of course, her fellow wannabe president Newt Gingrich, also big on the "Christian" thing, considered his own adultery OK while going after Clinton for his.  Of course, his adultery was because he felt so passionate about America.  According to the Bible, that's a loophole in the 10 commandments (forgive me, I can't locate that verse).  Plus, his first 2 wives were ill,which probably explains why it was OK to cheat on them and divorce them.   Different bible verse, I'll post when I find it.


I suspect you won't catch Santorum in a Bachmannesque lie.  For a view of what his future America might look like, Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tail" might be a good start.



Being targeted consistently on the Colbert Report is all I often need to know that I am really not going to like a political figure.  Usually Stephen is right on with  opinions matching mine.  




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