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Haha! I love how you said "supermilf". She's not my type of milf! More like the sanitized version of milf.
I've seen bits & pieces of Nailin' Palin. Dunno if somebody wants to make Backin' Bachmann

.... This shows how utterly ignorant she is. In god we trust is not patriotic in the least. It's a spit in the eye of  those who aren't theists and consider themselves Americans. This nation is not to serve her twisted idea of justice, peace, or even unity. She can hold those ideas, but at the same time I should be able, as an atheist(a very ticked off one) to say horse pucky.


What she is angling for is a favortism of sorts for those who are believers in her specific faith walk, which would go to only allienate the more moderate or liberal in her field. I do not understand how this woman can walk and chew gum at the same time while spouting this nonsense.

What she is angling for is a favortism of sorts for those who are believers in her specific faith walk,

Exactly. She's pandering to right wing christians.
We do have to consider the source.  This is a woman who can't tell the difference between a serial killer and a bad actor.  She also thinks the founding fathers included children and the slave holding founding fathers worked to end slavery.  Because slave holders were historically keen on abolition.  Where did she get her high school diploma?  Who signed the papers that allowed this woman to move up from third grade?
She likes to say she's 'highly principled".  But like I defined her in another discussion, she's a huckster...a political huckster with a religious agenda cloaked in the American flag.  She's one of the most divisive and ill-informed people to enter the stage in awhile and her appeal frightens me.  Sarah P and her family circus was enough to give me a big scare and now we get to experience the Bachmann Turn-my-Stomach Overdrive.
Well spoken.  Except, I wonder whether she's "ill informed" or is taking an Orwellian newspeak version of reality, converting history and politics into versions that work for her purposes.

OMG, The stupid, it BURNS!

all these people should be in jail for constitutional violations.

I'm going to read up on the Know Nothings of the middle 1800s.

Bachman and Palin are leading today's Know Nothings in their war against knowledge.


I've just done a quick search for that and found Premillennialism, Quakers, Shakers and Mormons.


Its interesting to note that Mormoronism was around at the same time as PT Barnum. "There's one born every minute".

I'm currently reading "Assassination Vacation" by Sarah Vowel and just learned about the man who assassinated President Garfield.   He (Charles Guiteau) was a member of "a 19th century vegetarian sex cult in upstate NY whose members lived for 3 decades as self pro-claimed 'bible communists'...the Oneida Community" (p137).  I would like to learn more about THAT community! 

One of the things Vowel mentions was their belief in "mutual criticism" as a way to 'cleanse' people's egos...defined as standing up in front of everybody and being criticized and listening to people name off your faults...FUN STUFF.  They were part of the utopian movements springing up all over the east coast and beyond.  If anybody knows a good book about these religious 'subcultures', I'd like to hear about it.  Vowel has a humorous way of explaining historical events and her kind of writing is based in a deep respect for kooky details that you never heard in your high school history classes!  She would have a field day with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann...but we'll have to wait for them to be forgotten historical figures, first..ha ha...we can only hope they fade away like the details of presidential assassinations.

(The assassination of Garfield had nothing to do with this man's religious beliefs, by the way, he was rejected by the Oneida Community (and they were pretty TOLERANT) and seemed to have grievances about Garfield's refusal to consider him as ambassador to France.  Mentally unstable....)




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