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"For the second straight day, Republican presidential candidate and Rep. Michele Bachmann's at the top of a new poll of likely Iowa GOP caucus goers.

According to a survey from the American Research Group, 21 percent of people questioned say they are backing the congresswoman from neighboring Minnesota for the GOP presidential nomination in their state's caucuses. Bachmann was at nine percent in ARG's April poll."


Iowa....  "where the corn is as high as the elephant's eye, An' it looks like it's climbin' clear up to the sky."  Oh wait, that's Oklahoma.  Never mind.


Maybe it's because she knows how get government subsidies for her family farm, while maintaining her status as the darlinng of the Tea Party?


Maybe it's a protest against gay marriage?  Iowa got gay married by judiciary, and Bachmann's clinic supposedly "cures" homosexuality by prayer.  And get gov't money for that too?


No to mention, ok to mention, gov't subsidies for her many foster children.


Wikipedia has an extensive bio (link above).  Someone needs to catch her tweetiing naked photos of herself to soldiers in Iraq.  Not gonna happen.







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Yeah, I think Romney was the favorite to win the Republican nomination this earlier in the last election as well.

Whatever happened to Gingrich?  And Santorum?  He's crazy religious too.  And that woman who used to be McCain's VP choice?  What was her name again?

Don't invoke the beast's name!
Which one?
I won't say it, but she claims she can see Russia from her house.
Oh THAT one.
I don't know if anyone has done this, but get on the Google home page and type in "Santorum." Then, read the description of the first link that comes up. Sums up my opinion of the religious right.
There was a little news story about this 'therapy' that actually stated that god designed a man's eyes to be attracted to a woman's body.   I didn't even know where to start arguing against this stupid point.... but if that sort of nonsense is being glossed over as 'clinical psychology', what next?  Was their license to practice this sort of 'pray away the gay' legitimate or copied off an internet bible school website??  There is an agenda here... and it is anti-gay and insulting.
Yes, men's eyes are round, which matches up with breasts being round.  If men's eyes were designed to be attracted to men, they would be elongated.
You didn't already know that about eyes?  When you get an eye transplant, you'd better make sure it is from someone of the same sex or you'll go gay.
That's really important information.  Thank you for providing it.
@ Steve.....Was it Liberty University?



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