Michelle Bachman front runner? Arrrrggghhhhhh!

Anderson Cooper blog.

"For the second straight day, Republican presidential candidate and Rep. Michele Bachmann's at the top of a new poll of likely Iowa GOP caucus goers.

According to a survey from the American Research Group, 21 percent of people questioned say they are backing the congresswoman from neighboring Minnesota for the GOP presidential nomination in their state's caucuses. Bachmann was at nine percent in ARG's April poll."


Iowa....  "where the corn is as high as the elephant's eye, An' it looks like it's climbin' clear up to the sky."  Oh wait, that's Oklahoma.  Never mind.


Maybe it's because she knows how get government subsidies for her family farm, while maintaining her status as the darlinng of the Tea Party?


Maybe it's a protest against gay marriage?  Iowa got gay married by judiciary, and Bachmann's clinic supposedly "cures" homosexuality by prayer.  And get gov't money for that too?


No to mention, ok to mention, gov't subsidies for her many foster children.


Wikipedia has an extensive bio (link above).  Someone needs to catch her tweetiing naked photos of herself to soldiers in Iraq.  Not gonna happen.







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Love you, S. Biped!

Unfortunately, too many people are making a killing off the government and I'm not talking about elderly people, disabled persons or anyone receiving a so called "entitlement".  I'm talking about government contractors.  If you have ever been in the military or worked around the government, you'll have noticed how long it takes a contractor to do anything,  Nine times out of ten, the work takes several days longer than projected, is slip shod and will have to be redone in a few years at best, and almost always comes in way over budget.  A lot more attention needs to be paid to fraud, waste and abuse in government spending on contracted services. 


I am not sure if these are everywhere, but some states have contracted prison services.  IE the prison is actually run by a private contractor, the guards on down work for a contractor not the government.  I believe some judges get kick backs.   Some judicial review wouldn't hurt anything, because some judges sentence people to jail for really piddly things.  I  have seen some poor soul write one bad check in his life which was for $500.  He got 1 to 10 years in prison over that.  If we changed some of the offenses that lead to jail time, we could save a lot of money.  Like bad checks under $1,000 should not accrue jail time. 


If we made marijuana legal and sent all offenders convicted of possession (not intent to sell) of all other drugs to rehab instead of jail, we'd probably save billions.  A lot of people in jail are not murders or rapists, but people who have done drugs or maybe hooked.  Who are we protecting here?  The war on drugs has been going on about 40 years and no fewer people are using drugs.  When do we say this is not working  and try something else? 


There's a lot of areas with a little regulation and oversight, we could save tons of money without cutting services to those who most need them. 


Also, as my uncle says, we could stand to raise tariffs making American made goods more competitive.  I think one of our biggest problems is our manufacturing jobs have all gone to third world countries where companies can employ children and pay pennies on the hour, and there are no labor or environmental laws.  Our planet really needs everyone everywhere to clean up their act.  We've had clean air and water laws in the US since the 60s.  Everyone on the planet needs clean air and water - not just first world countries where these laws actually exist.  Allowing companies to skirt around these laws by moving to places without them doesn't help anyone but the company.  Plus when they move a job from the US to a third world country, they don't drop the price, they drop the quality and dramatically increase the profits. 


Some of us oldsters remember when shoes were American made and they lasted for years.  My dad bought a pair of boots in the early 60s which he wore until after I graduated high school in the 80s.  Man, I am lucky if a pair of shoes lasts me an entire year now.  But the prices haven't gone down.  Oh no, that would affect the huge profit margin many companies expect. 


Companies care more about their stockholders than they do about producing a quality product they can be proud of.  Pride in work just seems to be gone nowadays.  I think the majority of Americans still have it, but they can't find a dang job because all the jobs have moved overseas. 


Sorry to rant.  I just get so tired of hearing how disabled persons and elderly people are ruining America.  We are not ruining America.  Major corporations who make billions or even trillions, then ship jobs elsewhere, corrode our environmental law, never pay a dime of tax and even get subsidies to do this, cheat the government on work that is inadequately done or perhaps not done at all - this is what is ruining America.  And not some disabled vet or 9 year old with Down's. 


I am so sick and tired of blame the disabled, the elderly or even illegals who pay taxes even though the benefits they receive are doubtful and many want to become citizens - instead of opening our eyes and saying it's wrong for grandma on a fixed income to pay more taxes than Exxon. 

This is the unfortunate truth about government contractors:




Bachmann is as nutty as the former Alaskan governor.  I honestly don't think that either of them have a chance of getting elected (at least I hope not).  Gingrinch has too many skeletons in the closet. 


As for Romney, all we have to do is publicly ask him if he believes that Lucifer is Jesus' brother (which Mormons believe) or if he believes in the Trinity.




Once fundamentalist Christians find out what Mormons believe about Jesus, it is doubtful they'll continue to endorse Romney for the Republican nomination.

Edit:  Apparently, Mormons don't believe Jesus and Lucifer are brothers. 




Any ex-Mormons here that can clarify?

Hah, that whole debate reads like an argument between comic nerds about their beloved fictional characters. Ah, humanity.

Great analogy!  :D

I'm not too worried about the presidential election.  These Tea Party wingnuts have no shot at the Whitehouse.  The GOP will never nominate Romney because the baggers will go ape nuts.  There is no way the baggers can win a national election-the only group they haven't alienated is rich, white men.  The real concern is the next rounds of Congressional elections.  That is where they will continue to hold this country hostage.  


As a side note, I asked my grandmother (78 yrs. old and life-long liberal) what she thought of this debt ceiling mess.  This was her answer: "Those republicans trying to talk about fiscal responsibility is like a pimp going to church on Sunday to preach abstinence."  

How would your grandmother like to adopt a new grandson?

I recently saw a bumper sticker that said: TEA PARTY sounds so much nicer than "Mob of Racists & Homophobes".


I also liked this one: The Mad Hatter wants his Tea Party back.


I wish I was as confident as you that the Tea Party won't get elected into the executive office...their rigid ideas about taxation are already getting traction with the American Public because of the freshman House members voted in last fall.  They are a force to be reckoned with because they have successfully argued that 'Washington Spends TOO Much"...and that "Under Obama the federal deficit has gone up"...failing to recall the worldwide economic downturn, the 2+ wars we've been involved in militarily, the Baby Boom Generation entering Social Security and Medicare age brackets, the increased cost of medical care/prescriptions, the failure of local and state governments to keep THEIR obligations to pensioners and educators and school kids....etc, etc, etc.  Speaker of the House Boehner will need to tip toe around the demands of the tea party caucus if he's going to keep his job of making sure President Obama is a one term president...which seems to be the GOP's main message these days.  No matter what the repercussions are to the US economy.

Well the US and much of the world is pretty much owned by the Federal Reserve/World Bank and associates now - seeing as how all new money is loaned with compound interest to the Gov't by the private bank with the power to create money and tax you, 'the Federal Reserve.' Those in the elite club who have a share in the monstrosity aka 'Federal Reserve' are above money and are theoretically infinitely rich - they 'own' us. OH and this much is obvious who knows what the real deal is... 100 people on this planet? 10?


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