I have to agree that as President, Benjamin Franklin never made a misstep. He started no wars, did not increase the deficit, made no bad appointments, and never had a scandal. It's almost as if he never served at all.

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Good one. He dove into politics and swam his way to office.

I don't know Mindy.  That makes me think Franklin was pandering to the voters.  maybe Bachmann is mistaken about what a good example President Franklin was.  Perhaps she was misinformed?

Oh, that explains it!

I wonder what drug she's on.  Her expression is always dazed and vacant.  Is  she just high on Jesus?

That dazed, vacant expression is an attempt to look "soulful."

 ORU's law degree program (which no longer exists) had one purpose only, to create Dominionists, and I think she wants to make sure that the sheeple in her district believe she's taking instructions from "on High."  Either that, or she really does expect the Holey Zombie to appear "in the clouds" any second, and wants to be first in line to kiss his ass.

Isn't that her maiden name? Ms. Informed.

I agree with Bachmann, Pennsylvania has completely gone to hell since he was president.

I always did think that Bachmann was hot looking, but she's one of the most incredibly stupid people to come walking down the pike. Her and Palin must be sisters.

I just watched the "sheep" video. Damn that woman is weird!

This is why America constantly ranks near the bottom when it comes to education.

I agree! That is why it is so important to take a stand, publicly, in opposition to her position. She gives so many opportunities to separate fact from fiction.  




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