I have to agree that as President, Benjamin Franklin never made a misstep. He started no wars, did not increase the deficit, made no bad appointments, and never had a scandal. It's almost as if he never served at all.

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Wow ... open mouth, insert foot.  It seems that Bachmann likes the taste of her tootsies so much, I wonder if she's trying to get it in to the knee!

According to the wikipedia bio, Bachmann hot her JD Degree from Oral Roberts University.  I'm surprised she can even tie her shoestrings correctly.

What bothers me most is the people of her district elected her repeatedly.

I find her amusing but she's a bit scary, even to me.

I agree Napoleon

Well, we had a president who had Franklin in his name, so she gets partial credit .... 1% credit sounds about right.

The American Tea Party. Consistently setting the intellectual bar as low as possible, and just as consistently failing to meet it.

Napoleon, great video on Michelle! She actually said she wants Homo sapiens to act like sheep?! Human development stopped for her when she was very, very young. Voting for her is voting for values I find abhorrent. 

It's interesting Bachmann would choose Ben Franklin as meeting her principles more than Obama. As far as we know, Barack Obama is a devoted husband and attentive father to his 2 daughters.

`In his morning litany he could pray to be kept from lasciviousness, but when night came lust might come with it. He went to women hungrily, secretly and briefly.``  -Carl Van Doren

Ben Franklin was a known womanizer.  He was said to have many affairs.  During the 18 months he was overseas, he wrote to his wife Deborah once.  He  lived Deborah, who was married to another man, that man having left and it was unknown if he was dead or alive. 

The link has lots of info about Franklin's libertine, prolific, sex life, and interesting for a christian spokespuppet like Bachmann, " Franklin also may have been a member of the notorious Medmenham Monks, a group sometimes called the Hell Fire Club, whose members were devoted to sexual excesses of all kinds and obscene parodies of religious rites. Franklin`s membership cannot be confirmed, but several biographers point out that Franklin had close associations with several of the club`s more libertine members-including the club`s founder, Francis Dashwood, who has been described by one historian as having ``far exceeded in licentiousness of conduct any model exhibited since Charles II.``

And Bachmann, the incredible superchristian, thinks "President" Franklin is an example to follow.

I'd take Franklin over Bachmann on any day you care to name!  At least Ben had his brain-box screwed on straight!

It is not well known, but Franklin invented swimfins and hand paddles for swimming. He may not have been first in this, but he was a swimmer extraordinaire by all accounts.


This should be entered in the credit column of his account.

I agree.  Did he invent swim fins and hand paddles while he was president, or was that one of the things that people admired about him leading to his election?




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