It will be another beautiful day today in the 60 years of age it feels wonderful on the bones.......soon it will be as high as 120 degrees.......just the way I like it.......I wonder if phoenix could be the eternal lake of fire!LOL...please take time today to acknowledge someone elses exsistence today.....hate is not the opposite of love.....indifference is........when all else fails,be kind. A delightfully wonderful day to each and everyone of you godless peeps!

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OK, Kent. I'm glad for you that the weather there is going to be in the mid 70's today. It was 63 in my part of Missouri yesterday, but hotter than 90 is a bit much for me. 80 to 85 still good outside, but not much hotter.

everywhere here is airconditioned during the hot months or people would surely die......we keep hydrated and the dry heat is awesome for my arthrirtic guys appear to be warming up nicely........have a great day Dennis.

A few years ago a man comes up to me and says “thank-you”. I ask for what?  He say's "For smiling and saying hi to me."

This “hi” or acknowledgement of him was over 28 years ago and meant a ton of happiness to him at the time and still did. So from them on I ramped up my “Hi' to people knowing my smile and “hi” may fall on oodles of eyes and ears, but to one it is a golden nugget.

Talking about weather... over the week-end my granddaughter said “it feels like summer”. It had warmed up from windchill's of -54 c to -28 c windchill. Well a long way from summer, but it sure felt warm.

After the negative temperatures we experienced in Illinois last week, when it finally got back up in the 30's, it felt downright balmy and pleasant outside.  Right now it's 22-degrees.  That's still quite nice, actually.  

I may be in the minority, but I usually smile to strangers or maybe say hi as I pass them on the sidewalk or in public, at least if we make eye contact.  I'm sure some of them think I'm some sort of weird creep.  As I'm walking toward someone on the sidewalk, some people will even look down and away to avoid making eye contact.  I find that behavior to be very interesting.  It seems it's mostly males who react that way.  Women are much more likely to smile and acknowledge my presence in return. 




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