I am fascinated by cosmology and the quest for a Theory Of Everything. I think Renate Loll's work is particularly interesting.

I don't much care for extremist theists nor for extremist atheists. Some theists would be unhappy with me because I don't think of god as a cranky old man in a white nightgown. Some atheists might be unhappy with me because I don't hate Sarah Palin. ;)

Some favorite books:
Asimov's Guide To the Bible
The unauthorized version: truth and fiction in the Bible, by Robin Lane Fox
Stranger In A Strange Land by Heinlein
This Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan
The Golden Bough

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Welcome to Atheist Nexus.
Thank you. This looks like a forum of pleasant people who discuss interesting things.
Hello Imp (sorry, your name is too long!).

I am also fascinated by cosmology, though my educational background is in English lit. To be honest, cosmology is my *most recent* fascination...and I have had lots of them, including literature, religion, philosophy, neuroscience/consciousness, biology, etc., etc.... Luckily I am able to keep up with all of them without going beyond the point of "interested amateur."

Anyway, glad to have you here.
Justin, knowing what I know now after a few decades of experience, if I could go back in time and do college over again, I think I would study Physics.

You mentioned neuroscience/consciousness; have you looked up the work by Patricia Churchland?




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