This was a Dateline story ran over the last weekend that occured July, 2011 high in the Sierra Mountains somewhere around Quincy, California. The cabin owners there were from Neveda and it was over a 2 hour trip to get to their cabin, but the man, Mr. Reed, had friends camping nearby. This is a story or car chases, gunfire, and murder that I reccommend everybody watch. Here I will just go over the highlights.

   Mr. Reed and his family claim that the carload of teens showed up on 2 diferent nights, fired shots at their cabin the 2nd night, and sped away. He followed them with deadly force, claiming they also shot at him, but he eventually called police reluctantly after fatally wounding 2 and shooting others.

   The carload of teens claim they were drinking and looking around for a party up by the lake, they had no guns, but they did steal solar flares by a sign at the end of Mr. Reed's long driveway.No evidence of the teens alleged guns were ever found.

   Interviews with Mrs. Reed and the 3 children showed that they were all very scared about cars on the road, what to do, and if "daddy would protect them." Mrs. Reed claimed she had her pistol and knew how to use it. I was almost ready to ask how could they possibly be so afraid if they had friends camping on the property nearby? Also, why were the friends never shown or identified and interviewed about anything that happened here?

   In the end Mr. Reed, who had claimed fraudulently to have been an Army Ranger, was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for the murder and the shootings. His wife knew that he was coming home "because god told her he was coming home." His children miss him and cry because he is gone to prison. Internet opinion is about 50/50 on guilt or innocence here, but maybe I noticed something that was not dealt with.

   BACK TO THE STOLEN SOLAR LIGHTS. There was a sign there saying that intruders were entering the R. O. C. which was an area of "red blooded christians who had the right to use deadly force if the intruders entered the property."

   I'm wondering if anyone on AN watched this show and caught this about the sign? It appears to me that we have too much "god and gun" into this thing, and this is about the mentality of some so called christians. This is just another version of "stand your ground" nonsense, and it might be the best reason yet that Mr. Reed's "camper friends" were never part of the story. Maybe they couldn't back up the original alleged gunfire.

   Just more christian delusion? What do you think?


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I agree, Patricia, on all counts! The irony is that some of the religious do not get it, and apparently feel this man had every right to kill or at least, "to shoot." They must have extreme fear (as this program brings out about the Reed family) and they act as if Jeezus is standing around with a pistol giving "concealed carry" classes.

Mindy, my idea of the friends that were camping on Reed's property and not even being shown on camera let alone interviewed, was something like this:

1. The camping friends could not collaborate on intruders firing shots.

2. The camping friends had no "fear" of the intruders.

If any of that was true, it would set the story early on as Reed and family being right wing christian nutjobs. This is apparent by the signs that the solar flares would illuminate. As to the teens coming back twice to steal solar flares, consider that they are drinking and also that they are bored teens. It's doubtful that they are stealing solar flares and also shooting at the cabin, and law enforcement never could find a gun. A gun was alleged for the teens by Reed's defense attorney because 3 spent cartridges were found about 3 feet apart on the road. This would be an impossible feat if the cartridges came from a speeding car. It meant the cartridges had to have come from some other incident.

We had a family reunion just before my Dad and his brother and sisters died. Sitting around the dining room table, my Dad and uncle told of all the mischief they got into when they were in highschool and college. They said they tied ropes around outhouses when people were in them and pulled them over on their sides, door side down. They also would get on the roof of businesses and pitch rocks at the pedestrians and then at the cops that came after them. They told of drinking cases of beer and driving through town throwing empty beer bottles out the windows onto the streets. They told of car chases that took them through fences and through fields of livestock with the farmers chasing them with pitchforks. 

My cousins and I, all adults at the reunion with children of our own, were dumbfounded. None of us ever did any of the mischief they did. Even our aunts had tales to tell that were far more mischievous than anything any of my generation did. 

In those days of my father's generation, it was thought "boys will be boys" and everybody got mad and I don't think any real harm was done to anyone except cleaning up monstrous messes and crawling out of overturned outhouses. 

"Boys will be boys" these days and they take real risks of being shot! Times have changed. 

This is a link to the sentencing of Reed as reported in the Plumas Count News.

Thanks John for that most accurate link.

Thanks for this site. 

Chasing after them the way he did, is completely over the top.  If you want to defend your place, OK, but doing amateur "law enforcement" by chasing them isn't OK.  I don't know that it's linked to religion, though.  

It's linked to living out in the boonies.  People who don't like the controls of civilization are more likely to live out in the boonies, and people living in the boonies would encourage people in a crazy macho mentality, since they aren't interacting with authorities much.  They can live in a mental world where they are King Kong. 

The "religious link" is not really mentioned in the story, but it is that odd "christian" sign that was in the area of the solar flares. The sign said that the "red blooded chrisitians" there had the right to use deadly force against any intruders.

By religious link I meant whether Reed's psycho criminality is made more likely by religion.  There are plenty of peaceful christians, indeed the religion urges it. 

Here is a link to the dateline story.  I might have missed it here.

To me there is something off-kilter about Mrs. Reed.  Somehow, it's all about her, what she lost, and  what she feels.  Nothing about the young man who was killed.  She might have expressed sadness about that, but it didn't make the cut.

That christian sign didn't get much explanation.  Who put that there?

The lies about military experience must be what got Mr. Reed in the end.  People have a lot of respect for front-line military vets now.  But someone who is claiming to be one, but isnt - bad character.  Lies.  Claiming false honor. 

I wish we could create non-lethal weapons for self defense.  There is the technical capability.  It could be tranquilizer guns, or tazers, or something else.  People do get hurt, and killed, by attackers, and people do sometimes need something for their security.  But everything is a matter of weighing pros/cons, risks/benefits.  People don't need weapons of mass murder.  What army did he think was going to attack him?

I also wondered about whether the kids were coached about what to say and do.  There is a lack of...  something.  I don't know what.  I would be very surprised if anyone in their mother's position would not coach them.

I wondered about those camper friends too. 

I wish we could create non-lethal weapons for self defense.

The best self-defense I know of, is a big dog. That will intimidate people, but rarely seriously harm them. Very visible and a big dog barking as soon as intruders come onto a property will scare a lot of them away.

I've been through a lot of this because of the danger of sexual attack I'm in as a woman.  Especially because I often go around by myself and I love being outdoors by myself.  A big dog is a pretty good answer.  And it was devastating when that answer failed, when I got so allergic to dogs - so being around a dog harmed me. 

My grandfather had guns, but he also had the big dog that could chase off any 2 big dogs. They come in very handy.


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