Miley Cyrus is smarter than Denzel Washington & Kirk Cameron

What an odd few weeks in the world of Hollywood celebrity. Pro-war, pro-waterboarding, pro-stupidity Denzel Washington says sociopaths are usually atheist, the growing pain from Growing Pains Kirk Cameron says being gay is unnatural and damaging, and then Miley Cyrus, daughter of Mr Achy Breaky Heart, horrifies her christian fans with a quote by Lawrence Krauss to forget jesus.

I've never taken Cyrus seriously before but she's won my respect. She's shown she's brave in a town where celebs are always thanking god in their speeches and are terrified of losing their christian fans. And she's shown she's smarter than the likes of Kirk Cameron. OK, a bag of dust is smarter than Kirk Cameron but you get my point.

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"OK, a bag of dust is smarter than Kirk Cameron"

Ahhh… how very preemptive of you, and, …better than what I was going to post anyway.

"but you get my point."

Yup, I hope she's been somehow made aware of the many people who support her for this… and her supporting gay marriage, and this is important: Even if she's still a Christian. She hasn't officially "come out" yet.

Well I would have to agree with Denzil at least in that Ive seen many Atheists fit the bill of being a sociopath. That said, maybe one should look up what defines a sociopath and the quick quiz that would suggest if youre a sociopath ...

NOW here's the rub, as many Atheists are sociopaths I submit that most psychopaths are actually theists. So Denzils comment is quite moot

As for Miss Miley, one comment doesnt an atheist make ...
Im still waiting for the defication to hit the rotory oscillator




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