Hey folks... 
Do you think this new wave of atheism spearheaded by "aggressive and militant" atheists like Monsieurs Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennet is a good thing?

I certainly do!

It's about time we stand up for ourselves and against the barbaric practices of religions.
Lets share our views.

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Very good points - there's been some great atheist standup comedy recently (for instance Eddie Izzard).
Not sure 'militant' has the right ring to it, but I like your 'vocal or assertive atheism'.
It's not really good enough to be 'tolerant' (horrible word), religious activists are actively promoting their views - why shouldn't we? Religion is at least limiting, often downright damaging. We should make ourselves heard.
You have a good point...humor is often the avenue to reach "taboo" subjects and frame them in such a way that people are actually EDUCATED about something they previously hadn't taken the time to think about in any depth. I am a big fan of Ricky Gervais' humorous skits about the Bible.
I think George Carlin (RIP) was the best atheist stand up comedian who wasn't afraid of tackling the subject of religion head on. "Religion is bullshit" and "The ten commandments" are especially funny and it really gets one thinking.

@Sgecko and Talia - you have no idea! I have a couple of nutjob christian fanatic friends who are literalists. So I asked them to read "The greatest show on earth" for proof on evolution - Emphasizing the fact that it wasn't a book attacking religion, but they just refuse.

It's hard to understand and keeping cool when you see such stubborn and unnecessary "restraint" is beyond me. :-)
Let us explore the difference between "militant theists" and "militant atheists". Militant atheists write letters to publishers, writers, and media. They blog, they engage in debate. They spread knowledge. Militant theists bomb abortion clinics, fly planes into buildings, suppress the use of condoms in developing nations and inhibit the spread of knowledge. How did we ever get deemed the term "militant atheist"? I believe it is an unfair label but I still wear it with pride.
1. vigorously active and aggressive, esp. in support of a cause: militant reformers.
2. engaged in warfare; fighting.

I'm a bit surprised at the first definition but this is how the word is frequently used now so I guess it's accurate. If the shoe fits...
I think there's another difference between "militant" atheists and militant theists. I don't think Monsieurs Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris or Dennet (among many) have ever twisted/fabricated the truth or made statements that could be construed as hateful or racist. That seems to be endemic to religious fundamentalist icons (and politicians of course).

I find it extremely demanding to sit and listen to the likes of Pat Robertson, Bill O'Reilly, etc as they spew out their garbage as if it's the divine truth (so to speak).

No offence intended to the Americans here - but I think the separation of church and state in your nation is a myth. What's especially alarming (considering the US' superpower status) is how easily these nutjobs comment or involve themselves with issues that are in the political domain.

These people are the absolute last people qualified to make decisions or comment on such topics. Yet, they are given great importance and their opinions are revered. It's because they claim they believe in a invisible man in the sky devoutly. Madness!

Vocal and assertive atheism is required to defend the interests of everyone who believes in the principles of humanism, secularism and basically - freedom. The religious right will continue eroding the freedoms we enjoy (not just in the US - the BJP party in India who are, in my opinion, Hindu Nazis significantly increased the authoritarian powers of the state) and will continue invading fields with which it has no business - like education.

According to me, the call raised by this new wave of atheism needs to be answered by all of us.

Being non-confrontational might be comfortable and easy, but unless one is going to be subject to mortal or physical danger - I think it's time to be confrontational! It's time to pin down and expose their lies. It's time to publicly decimate the claims made by the religious - and do it in front of other believers. Even if 95% of them resort to cyclical arguments, it might get 5% of them to start thinking and questioning their faith.

The gloves, as they say ladies and gentlemen, are off, and have been off for quite sometime as far as the believers are concerned.
It's all about real estate, for the other side.


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