Militarized Police, Armed with Weapons of War? For What Reason?

Okay, our military complex is making more weapons than they can sell overseas. Local police are given the funds to purchase these weapons. These weapons get purchased, and used and/or brandished.

Given the country's economic inequality, are America's leaders preparing for massive unrest?

America's metaphorical one percent will share the wealth our political establishments have for decades been giving them only if laws require them to share it. Will enough Americans see, and vote, our own interests?

Only in the 18 states with the direct initiative can voters compel appropriate legislative action: reducing the influence of money in elections, stopping the gerrymandering. More?

Legislators in the states without the direct initiative can be as predatory as they wish, until weeks before elections.

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Can anybody precisely verify or disprove this: I have read (I can no longer be sure what sources are true) that the Department of Homeland Security (does this sound Nazi to anyone else?) has purchased enormous quantities of weaponry and enough shells to kill every American several times over.  No official reason was given for this.  Here's a story, but it's 3 1/2 years old:

I've heard nothing on this in quite some time now. 


Mr. Trump says he wants to heal our divisions but if you want to see how he will really deal with controversy watch again his numerous vicious threats to have Hillary "investigated" by a special council. He has given every indication that his highest priority will be exacting revenge on all his liberal critics and anyone else who failed to show him proper subservience and adoration. I don't think he would hesitate at threatening critics with police harassment.

Jerry Wesner, John Olliver did a pretty good expose on the militarization of police if you want factual evidence I would start there then start looking at his sources.




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