Military still using 'Jesus Rifles' in combat zones

Remember the Jesus Rifles? The guns with coded Bible messages stamped onto their targeting sights? When the story broke in January, the US military promised swift action to correct the problem. The trouble is, the action hasn't been too swift where it would count the most... in the war zones.


"Shame on them (the military) forever for their impossibly slow, plodding and utterly backwards plan for correction of this national and international disgrace," said Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, to ABC News. (more here)


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At least I hope they're not still producing the rifles. I can understand if the old ones are still being used, it takes a while to figure how to replace them, gather them up and have the new ones ready.
Who frakkin' cares? (Yes, I said "frakkin") Do they kill any less effectively? Do they not kill you but inject guilt, self-doubt, shame, and/or fear?

Hell, as an atheist I'd rather have one - this bullet brought to you compliments of Jesus. Better conversion tool than anything IMNSHO.


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