Millennials leaving church in droves, study finds

This is encouraging news:

Released Tuesday, the survey of 35,000 American adults shows the Christian percentage of the population dropping precipitously, to 70.6%. In 2007, the last time Pew conducted a similar survey, 78.4% of American adults called themselves Christian.

In the meantime, almost every major branch of Christianity in the United States has lost a significant number of members, Pew found, mainly because millennials are leaving the fold. More than one-third of millennials now say they are unaffiliated with any faith, up 10 percentage points since 2007.

The alacrity of their exodus surprises even seasoned experts.

"We've known that the religiously unaffiliated has been growing for decades," said Greg Smith, Pew's associate director of religion research and the lead researcher on the new study. "But the pace at which they've continued to grow is really astounding."

It's not just millennials leaving the church. Whether married or single, rich or poor, young or old, living in the West or the Bible Belt, almost every demographic group has seen a significant drop in people who call themselves Christians, Pew found.

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I'm glad to here it steph.

Worthy of note, both CBS and NBC News reported on this story on tonight's nightly news (12 May, 2015).  It would seem as though we have the country's attention, at the very least ... and it strikes me that this is no time to drop the ball.

Finally we are getting some attention.

I mentioned this in "Hangin' with friends"--before reading this. Nothing like spreading the "gospel" (good news)!

And the internet is the medium of choice of a great number of millennials, never mind lots of others - like US!

Would the Vatican really have any need for birth control pills Patricia?

No don't tell me!

I suppose the virgin Mary must have had some kind of birth control.

I wonder what Joseph's first thoughts were when she told him she was pregnant? I mean, it's not a very convincing story she had to tell.

I know the first thing that would go through my mind if she tried to spin me a yarn like that.


And i,d want to know who this angel Gabriel finger was and where's he from.

This is certainly a hot topic on a/n.  The internet must surely be an educator.




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