I just threw in the one with the cat, because there seems to be a lot of cat-lover's on here!  Including me! :)

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Good work BL.

Keep 'em coming, Mindy!


Excellent, particularly the Vonnegut one!

I've got a collection of pix (mostly from here!), and altogether, I think they number in the hundreds, some of 'em pretty choice, too.

Oh ... and the Vonnegut one went in the second I saw it!  :)

Mindy, thanks for keeping us up to date!

When I was in high school, Vonnegut was one of my favorite authors.  I read all of his books that were in print at the time.  He had a significant influence on me.  I didn't know back then he was an atheist.

I was drawn to Vonnegut's books also, when I was in the Army.  Slaughterhouse 5 being my first introduction, followed by Cat's Cradle and Mother Night. 

Mindy - great finds!  Especially the last, about relevance to reality.

All great! "998 likes" was perfect.

(Don't know how to post a link but google "Mr. Deity and the messages" for some brilliant prayer satire.)

Excellent selection, and, the cat's rebuttal made me laugh.


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