Here's a case where what Martin Luther called "that dam**d whore Reason" was totally ignored in favor of the blindest of blind faiths... and a tragedy ensued. (more here)




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Is it sad that I'm jealous she lost thirty pounds? >.>;;

If she had chosen not to eat because of Body Dysmorphia, she would be forcibly hospitalized for her own health. And then forced into therapy. However, because she claimed it was for religiosity, she was allowed to risk her own health. It's ridiculous the double-standards that exist for religion, but at least in this case, she was the only one directly harmed. She didn't seem to force her children to starve fast or anything.
If she had harmed someone else in the process, I might be upset.
The world needs more sensible insensitive pricks like you. God bless you. God bless atheism. R'Amen.
Boyd said his wife had gotten "a little chubby" before her last fast, about 170 pounds.
Evelyn Boyd was obeying what God told her to do, John Boyd said. "God called her home."

Is it me, or does the husband sound a bit callous? For such a young woman to die like this is just sad. When it is for such a nonsense reason it is infuriating.
What bothers me about this incident is not just that the wife behaved stupidly thanks to religion, but that everyone around her did too... and for the same reason. Husband, family, friends and neighbors all knew what she was doing but gave her a free pass to do what any thinking person would have known was a recklessly dangerous thing to do (fast with nothing but water for 3 weeks), done in an even more recklessly dangerous manner (unsupervised), simply because it was done as a religious act.

That's what makes religion so insidiously dangerous. Not that it made one woman do crazy shit, but that it made all those around her unable to see that it was crazy shit.
This is another fine example of how religion values suffering, followed by death, and how the delusional are perfectly accepting of that course.


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