Why do people rely on faith-based help? Organized religion does not cure crazy, period. This is about the most surreal one I've heard in a long time.


A church pastor in western Minnesota says it was an argument over appliances that led to a fight that left a baby girl dead.

Danny Barnes is the pastor at Thy Kingdom Come Church in Wheaton.

He tells the Star Tribune he had given a washer and dryer to the girl's father, but another man felt he should have gotten the appliances.

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Sounds like laundry had a large part in this fight. Maybe we should stop doing laundry. I've already stopped ironing to help stop this tide of clothing maintenance death.
If I'm not gonna do something I get it out of the way straight away. No use in procrastinating about not doing something... that would be bad no-time management.
He says alcohol played a large part in the fight.

Alcohol (and all of the big drugs of addiction) play a large part in the whole "born again" crowd. There might not be any without them.
That's the power of the holy spirit at work.




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