I'm not sure where to file this, so I'll put in under Sacred Texts, but it's very tongue in cheek - so much so that your cheek might explode and it's not intended to cause offence (to gay people anyway).

So here we go: "And Dogma Created Gays"

It's well known that evolution favours mutations that survive and to survive we have to replicate those mutations multiple times.

Gay people, by definition do not have sex with members of the opposite sex and therefore cannot pass the "gay" gene on so homosexuality should have died out millennia ago: yet it's still with us.

There can only be one explanation for this.

Gay folk are breeding!

And the only way they can be breeding is that, through the strict interpretation of biblical texts, gay folk forced to marry and have children against their very nature. If we were more tolerant, and let them be "gay" the gene would, in time, be expelled from the gene pool and we'd all live happily ever after.

There are even courses, run by Evangelicals, who claim to be able to cure people of their homosexuality!

Therefore, it was religion's dumb interfering that gave us gay folk!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take this knowledge; improve it and sew the seeds of angsts among the religious having a great time doing so.

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Oh we know that, Michelle (and a very warm welcome to A|N, by the way).

The don't think it's a lifestyle choice - they're told that it is from the top down. However, you can extend this argument (even though it's really one to make them squirm) into a behavioral one without too much difficulty.

I just love the idea of throwing the willfully ignorant the odd curve-ball - a bit like Sacha Baron-Cohen would do.
I personally know of two homosexual individuals who had children. One is the father of my son's girlfriend. He was in a hetero relationship initially but is now in a homo relationship. My brother-in-law did the reverse and is now in a hetero relationship.

I tend to side with Jezzy and the research she did. It is not necessarily an inherited genetic trait. The pre-natal environment may have more influence, especially nowadays with all the hormone-like chemicals in our environment.
Yes,I've also read a good bit on the pre natal environment and homosexuality.
Off topic,the xtain dude was wrong in another way,we are animals.





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