Girl raped 'three times a day' by self-styled prophet

Friday, October 02, 2009 - 08:55 AM

A woman abducted at 14 from her bedroom seven years ago told a Utah court that her captor raped her three or four times a day, kept her tied up with a cable and threatened to kill her if she tried to escape.

Self-styled prophet Brian Mitchell is accused of holding Elizabeth Smart captive for nine months.

Miss Smart, now a 21-year-old college student, gave evidence in Salt Lake City as part of a hearing over whether Mitchell (aged 55) is mentally competent to stand trial.

Heard on the radio she's going on a momrom mission; hugh? Strange IMHO. Utah seems to me as not so united in the U.S..

Now that the scumbag is not considered 'mental' but just using the 'lord' or whatever make-believe crap as a skapegoat... well, do the math, religion may soon come to an end and stop raping kids! and our wallets.

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Deb, you seem to demand that other people think for themselves and come to the same conclusions you have. Further, you seem to demand they do this without even learning about your personal conclusions.

That's an amazingly rigid, religious viewpoint about life. You're as arrogant, but about one MORE religion than they are. That's the point of a rational argument, you assume you're right, and present your arguments/reasons.

I bet you get just as angry at every commercial on TV, or billboard on the highway. How DARE they assume that their particular product is the One True Product, and that all others are inferior or invalid? Maybe this analogy will be enough for you, to understand something about human interaction and advertising.

I served an LDS mission to Europe many years ago, and ended up with different conclusions to most of the questions. I'm glad I didn't run into you, I might have thought that all atheists were angry, rigid, and irrational, which might have added years to my investigations.
I don't think comparing a T.V. show is he same as someone comming to your door. You choose to watch the T.V. and it can be turned off with a press of a button.

Comming to somones house without an invitation is a personal intrusion itself and then to add the additional insult of trying to push controversial views on somone. I would feel the same way if an atheist tried to push their views at someones doorstep too.

To many people their home is their sanctuary away from the world. It's where we go to recharge our batteries, and to take a break from people we need a break from.
who's he? the other utah prophet paying her to say he exists? man oh man, too bad for her.
I wanna be TOLD who he is... what's his social, last for digits please, fake ID me please... take my mind and squeeze dollars out of it por-favor!
or not really, nope nevermind it's all fake farm

ps, funny story

am vets did a great job helping move some furniture for donation (2 trucks, hispanic dudes on walkie talkies)
faith farm not so much, they did not even open the whole door on the truck; I saw they had plenty of room, took only two garbage bags...
said "we got enough stuff" fake, stuff, at fake farm LAME. they bounced fast!
You can't underestimate the power of a good brainwashing, take it from one born and raised in that culture. Another thing to think about, an ordeal on the scale that Ms. Smart endured will kill a person's faith or increase it exponentially. Now in her specific case, she was young when abducted then brainwashed by Mr child rapist/prophet/pyscho boy and still young when recovered and put right back into her family to be re-brainwashed. I don't find it strange that she has decided to go out and "convert" the heathens in France. The church is probably going to finance the whole thing. What a PR boondoggle! Now, out of Utah in a place I like to call the "real world", chances are much greater that she will realize that what she has believed for 21 years is bunk and join us in our little slice of reality.

"well, do the math, religion may soon come to an end and stop raping kids! and our wallets."

People have been raping and pillaging in the name of god for years, if you think that this incident or even hundreds of incidents like this one is going to cause the end of religion, well, much as I would like to see that, you and I both know that nothing will change. Rome wasn't built in a day and god won't cease to exist just because one pedophile raped a young girl in the name of god.
What? I don't understand your comment at all, especially the 1st graf. As far as the 2nd, I haven't seen any evidence that his 'lord' is considered anything but insanity by the court. I also have not seen any evidence that 'religion may soon come to an end,' or that insane people will stop attributing their insanity to some religious source.
> tangent # 02546 engage

it depends on how modern their lives have become; PC or Mac, pills or organic... 5 seasons brewery or cough syrup; comprendé?
if one is able to responsibly incrementally shed their excesses in this new era of gps and smart-mobs, lower their signature (eco-logical/socially friendly footprint?) in the cities habitat;
co-opted by bottom-line garbage and polluters; diapers? try cloth. > : )
bearded blue-eyed white guy in the sky?, give science and the Earth a try, don't be the false pretense

all in all it seems many men (and women perhap$, fallen to the urge, that think they are men) want to still use faith as a control mechanism, this is true; usually in harsher climates where there is no solar powered wire to the world; like the united states world for example.

religion will never top hip hop
faith-based ponzi frauds will always get busted by the feds now
and it's no surprise to me that people are just as distracted or lulled into not caring through corporate social engineering and the faith thing...
I won't even start on booze and pills

"some people trade life for the bottom of whisky bottle
can't get it back now
some people love pills spend every fkn' dollar
don't get what they want, they cut their wrists off
no wine, no woman, no pills can stop the ..." - wisdom in chains, PA band, fkn great!

...rage of logic in my head

keep reading on who's dividing the united states
there you'll find clarity in numbers and work to solve the inaccuracies that cause our credit as world citizens to diminish and why da fug.. not? bit x bit




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