There is a documentary about Pat Robertson diverting humanitarian aid to fund his diamond mine interests. I have heard a fair amount about this movie. And it has been out for a while. But I have not been able to get it fron any of my usual sources. So if anyone knows where I can get a copy I would appreciate it.


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It may have been pulled from distribution.  Investigation into the organization failed to reveal fraudChristian post.   Some info remains on alternet.  Hard to say, much as I love seeing charlatan's feet of clay exposed, I also don't want potentially false info.

Maybe someone else can find it.  I get 404.  My speculation is, the legal power of the Robertson empire got it all scrubbed. 

Good work, Daniel. My searches for the video "Mission Congo" turned up about the same thing that you did. I found one exception. This documentary seems to have once been a common staple of PBS television. Try to find it there today and you get "this video is no longer in the library."

I tried repeatedly to search it also by simple things like putting "watch Mission Congo online." Perhaps I should have also tried this with different search engines. I only used Google powered Firefox, and there are many others.

My guess is that some multi million dollar organization that felt threatened by possibility of expose' had this film completely removed in order to continue getting free money from the gullible. Should we ask Pat Robertson about this?




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