I understand the website is new but you would think the ideas/suggestions section would be the first to grow! Is it because other forums have failed to acknowledge your ideas before? Are people afraid of rejection? Or is it possible that the website is lacking a mission?

A mission statement is something commonly used in business to align everyone within the organization towards common goals. I'm not sure what people want to achieve here and so it's hard to create one from scratch. We can start by examining what I think are some of the major issues surrounding atheism.
*Promoting positive awareness and debunking the common (and divisive) Myths Surrounding Atheism
*Effective communication methods for discussions with theists
*Development of an adequate political lobby to counteract the well funded and influential religious lobbies
*Providing a support structure for those whose social network is built around religion
*Redirecting the time and energy of religious practitioners towards efforts which will make a positive contribution to civilization

This could be presented as:
To provide a support network for rational thinkers while developing innovative solutions for communicating the benefits a non-religious world.

I am new to activism and don't really know what all of our goals should be. Please fill in the gaps that I may have missed and share your own idea for a mission statement.

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Or how about:

To unify mankind behind the wonders of science
Yeah, lets become monkey-see monkey-do corporate whores.
I think that we need to discover ourselves. Most non theist have their own beliefs...they just don't believe in god(s). Beliefs are dangerous...until we resolve that problem, we aren't any better then the deity believers. They are more dangerous only because they are a larger and a more influential group.




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