Mississippi Town Destroys Westboro Baptist Plans.

"The Westboro Baptist Church once again makes the headlines.  This time however, the good news is that they were foiled in their attempts to disrupt another serviceman’s funeral.  Mississippi gives the Westboro the kind of welcome that we would all like to give."

  And I applaude the fine folks of Mississippi for doing the right thing and keeping these trolls from trolling.



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This is extremely bad. These are exactly the types of things that were happening to blacks in the not-so-distant past. I don't like this church anymore than the next person, but vigilante beatings and police making up reasons to detain people should not be encouraged.


I might have mixed feelings about this if it was a rapist or mobster who was beaten and/or arrested unjustly, but we're talking about someone whose only "crime" was holding up a rude sign.



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