This highlights the insanity of the muslims and their insecure profit in the depiction of a cartoon.

Democratic UK channel 4 blots out the cartoon to prevent offence. So much for tolerance and the right to express your view. Nauseating to watch people so brainwashed that this matters."/>

The thin end of the wedge. Wonder why this mo character is so scared of being depicted? 

Is it being too alarmist to think that if you let this get by, then islam is inevitably the future?

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Islam inevitably being the future is what the Muslims want and believe, but it is they who are offended. What the cartoon does is acknowledge that "Jesus and Mo" know each other, and we all know that Jesus is mentioned in the Koran. "Mo" is simply taking the forefront here with Jesus behind him, and the 2 profits (pun and misspelling intended) are shown together. It would appear that Mohammed is overtaking Jesus, but the Muslims refuse to see the point. To them it is like this:

1. You cannot make an image of the prophet.

2. Anything said or done about, or involving the prophet has to be in a serious way.

This is why "cartoons" of any kind just don't work in the Muslim world, and silly bronze age thinking mentalities get so "offended" that they want others put to death! If the Muslims ever do become the number one religious force in the world, this is what all of us would have to put up with.

Are christians working on this problem seriously? Hell no! They think Jebus will come and take them away before tihs happens!

Mo mustn't be depicted because he's in the witless protection program.

Thanks - I'll use that. 

I've got a three-word message for the muslim community in the UK, to wit:


Is this any different from the Danish cartoonists drawing Mohammed and that whole issue? Fact is, Jesus and Mo is a regular comic strip which I've seen multiple times online. If this is the first time it's show up in the UK, then it's something new for the islamic community to get used to.

I don't know if Britons have freedom of speech as a stated part of THEIR constitution, but I know where OURS stands ... and for yet another time, I have to state it:

No one has the right not to be offended.

Mo was lucky he lived before the invention of the camera. We're lucky we don't have to see what he probably really looked like.

No kidding.  Guy probably had a face that would break your lens!


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