I've successfully converted a religious wing nut at work in part by opening up the bible which floats around the office and mocking the hell out of it. I highlight the silly verses and the ones exposing the bible god as a monster. 

Beliefs should not be respected if they are wrong. 

This is no time to be polite. We atheist's have to make a concerted effort to lead people to the truth. 

Mock them!

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Mocking the beliefs isn't the same as mocking the people, Armand.

It is the same. If your mocking someone's belief your mocking them at the same time. 

You're right!

I agree we as a society have been way too polite to the religious.  I know the US was founded on religious freedom and the founding fathers were, for the  most part Christian but enough is enough.  When someone scoffs at the Big Bang or evolution I just say "Really, magical people living in space?  That's your answer?"  Mocking their mythology texts just feeds them.  I like to go to the heart of the matter.  Besides, that sort of logic works regardless of what religion you are talking about.  You don't have to know the bible or the Book of Mormon or Bhagvad Gita or Dianetics or whatever.  It's all the same crap.  

so you successfully converted a religious wing nut by being an atheist wing nut; not that much of stretch there.  Good job.

Thank you

I have taken the approach to spread the hope and joy of science much more than exposing the bible for what it is. I have started a group here you might use (and hopefully add to): http://www.atheistnexus.org/group/sharing-the-joy-of-scientific-pro...

Maybe we need to start a group where we can share favorite bible verses and how we present them to Christians? Just a thought.

Cool group idea.

1 I don't know any Muslims and 2 I don't know anything about Islam. 




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