Given the blasphemy laws being proposed in the U.N. lately, I thought this an interesting peek into the other side's mindset. Palestinian opinions on the issue here. I was flabbergasted. Look at the first individual opinion listed. Do these people really understand what they are talking about?

Here's a sneak peek: "anybody who mocks religion has to receive a warning, and if he does not respond, the law will put him in jail for one to three months only, to teach him not to do it again because we must not forget about freedom of speech."

Here's the link:

Religion must atrophy the brain.

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Agreed top to bottom- especially in the hatred of that most ridiculous excuse used by all Abra-maniacs. What better than, "I don't know but the big bearded white guy in the sky does." It's like the people who insist on using the Bomb in paper, rock, scissors. It's so asinine.
The implication is that the only way to be convincing to one of these bible beaters is to make our beliefs stupid proof and I don't even think that's possible.
of course they're not stupid proof. the whole point is that it's easy to believe if you don't think too much about it. religion preys on simplistic thinking.
atrophy whole societies with otherwise well to do infrastructure




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