as anyone seen this video?

personally i'm not offended by this, i feel that it's been there so long that it's kind of grandfathered in and should stay. But on the other hand what about all the non-christian veterans, does it offend them? Also i am against the putting up of things like the ten commandments and such in gov. buildings... does anyone else see these things as different or is it just me? Why have a war memorial be a cross anyway, why not something else? That way everyone is happy. well exept christians i guess. let me know what you all think.

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Normally I would be for this. I think it's fine that it's grandfathered in. It's fucking old, it's been there for 75 years, it can be reasonably considered part of history now. I would be against tearing it down as much as I would be against tearing down any other memorial or any other historical structure of religious significance.

Normally I would be alright with this. Normally I would think this should be allowed to stay. Normally -- normally.

However, no. Not this time; I read the youtube comments even though I promised myself I would never wade into such unfiltered idiocy -- so I say destroy it. Blow it up. Pulverize it. Atomize it. Launch it into the Sun were even its atoms will not survive.

America was not built on Christian values. I am sick and fucking tired of people saying and typing that. It was not built to be a Christian country. It was never intended to be.

So obliterate that fucking cross. If it makes just one idiot who thinks that America was a Christian country cry, it was well worth the trouble.
Honestly, I can see how that would be much better than hurling it into the sun.
You are right that funds should be denied to let it decay. I just wonder how long that will take? Plus until it rots, it's still a rallying point for christian reactionaries.
Can we hook it up to a helicopter and haul it away please?
It would take a long time to decay. It's dessicated and in a dessert, there's very little chance that detrivores could survive in enough in that environment in amounts substantial enough to atomize that thing.

If it did decay it would be from sand storms -- and that could take a while.
Works for me, Nerd!
I'm a veteran, as are multiple family members.

I think the damn thing looks cheap, rickety, and ugly. How can such an ugle thing honor our veterans?

I don't even see how christians wouldmlike the thing. It's offensive. It's not part of history, any more than an old windmill or bridge, fallen into disrepair, is part of history.

If they were really into honoring the veterans, why not collect funds for a more fitting memorial. The Vietnam veterans got a wall, and it's emotionally powerful to this day. No cross.

I say tear it down.



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