as anyone seen this video?

personally i'm not offended by this, i feel that it's been there so long that it's kind of grandfathered in and should stay. But on the other hand what about all the non-christian veterans, does it offend them? Also i am against the putting up of things like the ten commandments and such in gov. buildings... does anyone else see these things as different or is it just me? Why have a war memorial be a cross anyway, why not something else? That way everyone is happy. well exept christians i guess. let me know what you all think.

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Normally I would be for this. I think it's fine that it's grandfathered in. It's fucking old, it's been there for 75 years, it can be reasonably considered part of history now. I would be against tearing it down as much as I would be against tearing down any other memorial or any other historical structure of religious significance.

Normally I would be alright with this. Normally I would think this should be allowed to stay. Normally -- normally.

However, no. Not this time; I read the youtube comments even though I promised myself I would never wade into such unfiltered idiocy -- so I say destroy it. Blow it up. Pulverize it. Atomize it. Launch it into the Sun were even its atoms will not survive.

America was not built on Christian values. I am sick and fucking tired of people saying and typing that. It was not built to be a Christian country. It was never intended to be.

So obliterate that fucking cross. If it makes just one idiot who thinks that America was a Christian country cry, it was well worth the trouble.
Honestly, I can see how that would be much better than hurling it into the sun.
You are right that funds should be denied to let it decay. I just wonder how long that will take? Plus until it rots, it's still a rallying point for christian reactionaries.
Can we hook it up to a helicopter and haul it away please?
It would take a long time to decay. It's dessicated and in a dessert, there's very little chance that detrivores could survive in enough in that environment in amounts substantial enough to atomize that thing.

If it did decay it would be from sand storms -- and that could take a while.
Works for me, Nerd!




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