I just don't get it. I had no formal training in logical fallacies and had to play catch up in them once I decided I was not an agnostic, I am proudly atheist. Are some people so indoctrinated in dogma they cannot see the foolishness of things they say? A woman in a city near mine posted a social media message to the effect that she does not understand why God decided to take her young daughter at this time, a child, but she is comforted by the idea the girl is "there in Heaven with you, Lord." God sent a boyfriend to the mother; now, he's under arrest, charged with physically abusing the girl, who later died in a hospital. Why would God so hate the mother He would take her child from her? Why couldn't God have seen to it that the murderer got run over by a semi prior to ever entering the mother's house. Epicurus said God can be omnipotent and God can be good, but God cannot be both good and omnipotent.

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Not a chance, Luara. Not too much education though basically a nice guy.

There isn't any God. That's why nobody out there gives a shit. I don't know why she wasn't cursing out the motherfucker who murdered her child. I'd be hoping he got beat to death in jail. 



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