Greetings to all on the Atheist Nexus website.  I would like to introduce myself & get to know the people who are using this site & discussion board.  My name is Maia.  I'm from Cleveland, Ohio, and I currently reside in southern California.  I'm a professional singer & composer ( Up until recently I was a professional Pirate at Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, CA for about 5 years.  But I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby, currently, and am thinking I'll have my hands full.  Might be too busy to go back to pirating full time. 

I also write a blog that I don't really advertise to friends and family.  It's called Releasing Religion (  I was inspired to write this blog for a number of reasons.

A.  My father bought me Richard Dawkins's "The God Delusion" and I found inspiration.

B. My mother is a Catholic, my father is an atheist, so I really felt like I got the best of both worlds.

C.  My friends were writing their own Christian blogs, which I found quite tiresome.  I had so much that I wanted to say, but I didn't feel comfortable pushing it into other people's faces.

After living all over the US, I found so many people just uneducated about their own religions and-worse-unable to fathom that I might not be part of one.  I noticed this the most prominantly in Branson, Missouri, where I lived for 2 years.  This is a place where everyone knows your name, who you live with, where you work, and what church you go to.  It's just how things are done there. 

So I decided to stop hiding and start writing.  I don't get much traffic to my blog currently as I (like I said) don't really advertise it right now to friends and family.  But I do feel more comfortable putting it out there in a space like Atheist Nexus.  I want to encourage dialogue and knowledge from people of all backgrounds.  Healthy, intelligent debate is fine so long as it's respectful. 

I can, at times be a troublemaker.  I like to post news articles on my facebook, some of which have strong political/religious ties.  And just yesterday I went to (a pro-life website I found through cnn) and poked & prodded a bit on the discussion boards.  This is how I entertain myself some days while I wait for baby #2 to be born.  Call me a little crazy....

Currently I'm reading Darwin's "Origin of the Species".  Next on my list is "The Case for Christ"... not that I think there is any, but just because you're an atheist doesn't mean you should discount other arguments.  Always question everything.  This is what my father taught me.  That includes atheism.

Next Wednesday, I'm going to hear Richard Dawkins speak at Cal Tech University.  I am SO excited, and believe me, I'll be bringing a notebook and pen.  Anyone else attending this event?

Ok, so that's a bit about me.  How about you?

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Hi and welcome aboard. I just finished reading your interesting and informative blog. WOW! Rick Sanchez was fired! I did not know that! I had to go find out all about that.

Hey, please let us know all about the Dawkins speech at Cal Tech you will be attending.

See ya around.
Hi, Linda! Thanks for replying. Ya, isn't that pretty crazy about Rick Sanchez? I just finished getting into a long discussion with some friends on Facebook based around Obama's recent comment that Fox News is a biased news network. I was surprised how many people had something passionate to say about it.

I definitely plan on giving a full report about the Richard Dawkins event. My father is so excited that I'm going. Have you read any of Dawkins's books?
Well I guess I can say (about Fox News) is they get it very right and they get it very wrong. Sometimes I applaud what they say and sometimes I need to grab the barf bucket in a hurry. Same with CNN. I swear I should be a Gemini.

I have never read any Dawkins books and I am definitley going to and I saw his speech on Youtube he did in Britain a few weeks ago. I liked what he had to say and how he said it.

Looking forward to your update about the Dawkins event.
Welcome, nice blog. Good to have you here.
Thank you, Scot68. What brought you to Atheist Nexus?
Stumbled over from, stimulating reading and discussions. Other than with my dad don't get much of that, discussion anyway. My reading list is quite lengthy.
I am seeing him speak tomorrow night at Cal Tech. SOO excited!

What's on your reading list, out of curiosity?
Interesting blog. Neat picture!
Thank you, Tommy! When you're pregnant, it seems like photographers come out of the woodwork and want to photograph you for their portfolio's.

I see you're from Texas, but I don't know where Teague is. I've done some work in Houston and San Antonio. I've been to Odessa once.
Hi Maia, Welcome aboard, I hope that you find whatever it be that you're lookin' for. Arrr!

Healthy, intelligent debate is fine so long as it's respectful.

It can even be fine if it isn't respectful, it's like watching a disaster unfold.
There's plenty of intelligent debate around here, most is even respectful (up until the moment of inevitable derailment).
Lol. Fair enough, Rob. I look forward to it. Either way, it should be educational AND entertaining.
Have you heard your parents debate? How tense is it when those happen?




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