An article at Psychology Today:


Mommy, don't we love America?


Discusses families dealing with the Pledge of Allegiance and "under God."

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JohnD is precisely on target (at least this time ;>}).

    When our kids are born they are helpless. Our job as parents is to wean them, meaning that when it's time for them to leave they are self sufficient.  Sending our kids to do battle in our place is immoral, destructive and egotistical. So, we teach them what we think is right,  try to keep them from harm, and nourish them.  As noted, one of life's important lessons is that our energy is limited so we must pick the battles we're going to fight.

Another such lesson is that we should do the picking, and not allow someone else, even Ma and Pa, to do that for us.  A child's job should be to learn, grow and become strong, it is not to parrot its father's ideology.    Maybe dad is right, maybe he's wrong; the child can decide for himself when he becomes an adult.  

     "Teaching" and "Indoctrinating" are very different things.


I look forward to the day when I have to deal with this with my son. I think it will prove a good lesson for the both of us.

Thanks for sharing.




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