Money, Profit, Control and all things ... shady.. and anti science (pdf's! Oh yeahh. zoom away

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IMHO veeeeery humble opinion.. \
folks are scared to death to ponder social science/ psychology as subjs to be revisited w/the literal collision of cultures/ markets etc.. one would be a fool to not admit we've outdone ourselves...

and some are unable to understand.. keep up. literally ingesting that which destroys them from the inside out. . . loss of sleep. eventually you get those crazy off the chart crazy like the DC shooter.. no way in hell church or whatever cookie cutter techniques would help that guy.. nor the victims...

question everything comes to mind. and get some sleep by all means. except the way he tried?...

reasons. things leading to others. bankers bank on that seasonal low risk profit scheme of "makme a trend/ close it down/ profit from the outcome/ sell the people out. take your pick televangelists to Koch and walmartvilles... ~ pffffft
c'mon... peace!

~ xcode n' eclips here i come! ; ) cya


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