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another reason to support the occupation of Wall Street: one of the official goals of the movt is for Congress to enact Revolving Door Legislation making it illegal for corporations to regulate themselves, which is what Monsanto has been doing for generations with no transparency, not even an attempt at transparency.

Most high Food Drug Admin. functionaries are hired directly from the Board of Directors at Monsanto and vice versa.  They feed us carcinogens in our meat and milk which are illegal in Canada, Europe and elsewhere, they turned all our corn and soy into GMO Frankenfood, they're responsible for the suicide of hundreds of poor small Indian farmers who were put out of business and couldn't pay their debts to Monsanto and hundreds of them commited suicide, they put thousands of small Americans farmers out of business (usually through dirty legal tactics) and now they're trying to own all the seeds on Earth so that if there's a major global famine, in the midst of the chaos and social upheavel everyone will have to pay Monsanto for the production and farming of their food. They're using PATENT laws (which were created for inventors and artists) to claim property rights over LIFE, over genetically modified seeds.

If we had enacted Revolving Door Legislation generations ago, the corporation Monsanto would not have become as powerful and rich as it is by feeding us cancer and frankenfoods and destrying our crop diversity and it wouldn't have been able to afford their unscrupulous legion of attorneys.

Monsanto needs to be told, in no uncertain terms, to keep their hands off our food! The health food store where I work has switched to entirely non-GMO foods, which means you won't see Monsanto's name on anything. They research every item they sell, and if they can't be sure that every ingredient is non-GMO, they won't sell it. I am sick of all these companies meddling with our food in ways that result in a less nutritious product, and ones that in fact have long-term negative effects on our health. They want you to believe that genetically altered foods will save the world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Have you wanted "Corporation"?  A good bit on Monsanto in it.

2 hours?! I don't know if I have that kind of time.

There's a lot more in the movie besides Monsanto.  It's well worth watching.


And if you have ever seen "I Love Trouble" (romantic/comedy/suspense), you'll notice it was almost certainly based on Monsanto and the cow milk problem.

organic apples taste waaaaaay

better than non. imho. so, there! and not to mention food allergies! my goodness GM no go.




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