Monsters that eat bad children at Christmas (not atheists) | BBC

The BBC has an article (with pictures) of monsters of folklore from various nations that are alleged to come at Christmas and eat disobedient children.

James. It's snowing. A veritable Perry Como night.

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Heck, I find Jesus--even Santa Claus--"monsters of folklore"!

Thanks Pat - I didn't know about this original Santa.

I prefer them too young to have become disobedient.  More juicy and tender.  A nice horseradish sauce for some tangy flavor.  By the time they are old enough to be "bad", the other monsters can have them.

When having guests over, I flambe for effect. The crispy skin always brings rave reviews.

Thanks for the tip.  That does sound elegant!

For various reasons my wife BethKz does not like to have children around her, frequently referring to them by the Aussie/Brit term:


Yesterday she was installing a distribution of Linux into a village computer for the townspeople to use for Internet service at the village hall, and discovered that Linux "creates sprogs." (Interesting, sprog is in Firefox's dictionary.)

She keened in terror, and immediately went to her various "sprog-free" fora to post warnings to other folk that Linux creates sprogs.

Interesting banner ad at the top for "Sexy Arab Girls." I'll bet there are a bunch in Western Nebraska, and my wife would probably have something to say about me checking up on that.


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