Under Growing Scrutiny For Misdeeds, The Trump Administration Embra...

Attorney General William Barr is attacking secular government and tacitly endorsing theocracy. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo openly proclaims that U.S. public policy will be guided by his personal Christian beliefs. Meanwhile Trump spins himself as a great champion of Christian values.

You don’t have to be a cynic to question the timing of this eruption of God talk. We have an administration that claims to be championing Christian values at a time when news headlines every day expose more rot and corruption within it.

Public cries for theology are not a coincidence. Amanda Marcotte points out that Republicans now back clearly immoral behavior. There is no moral middle ground for defending Trump. The problem isn’t ‘polarization’ — Republicans have lost their damn...

It’s about Republicans losing their minds and everyone else, understandably, reacting against that.

Nowhere is this more obvious than on the issue of impeachment. There’s not really any middle ground on the issue of using military aid to blackmail a foreign leader into helping you fabricate lies about your political opponent, as the evidence shows Trump clearly did. This isn’t an issue where reasonable people arguing in good faith can disagree. This is a black-and-white, wrong-versus-right issue. [bold mine]

Right or wrong. The GOP chooses wrong. Our dominant party, whose constituents are corporations and the wealthy, just galloped across threshold.

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Trump’s ridiculous new defense: I did it. So what?

Let's normalize corruption, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice, that's the new Trump GOP defense. 

...the facts of the case demonstrate that not only did Trump pressure a foreign government to   damage his political opponents, military aid to that country was upheld as a quid pro quo.

"The new defense is an eyes-open defense of extortion, an eyes-open defense of the president using the nation’s money, the nation’s weapons, the nation’s alliances as his own private property for his own selfish purposes. That’s the definition of corruption…"

They basically did the same thing with the Mueller report,... 

The Trump Republican Party is like a kid who's been caught: "No, I didn't do it. It's not broken. And I won't do it again. So I did it, you can't do anything to me." Only that the consequences are far graver than a six-year-old's petty misdeeds and lies.

Years ago, someone pointed out how perfectly tRump fit the character of Calvin in Calvin and Hobbes -- this applies to oligarchs in general who are working against democracy:

I see the issue plainly. Social media takes 2 different stances on this.

One is that you read people are angry with Trump for "something Joe Biden did." It takes a special kind of ignorance to see the situation this way.

Next comes the photos of those who sit around in a T-shirt that says "read the transcript." This is equally as bad because the White House admits the transcript is not verbatim and it is the White House that released the transcript.

This all gets worse when others assume the entire matter is Dems against the GOP and nothing more. In any other world or reality Donald Trump would have already have been dragged from the White House kicking and screaming.




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