I had an interesting Facebook conversation with someone who is very open and smart regarding the existence of God.  Not a light subject, eh?  She respects my non-believer status, but questioned the issue of morality, i.e. what is it within a person that points out right and wrong?  She claimed it is God that gives us our "inner voice" of reason or morality.  She brought up C.S. Lewis and his argument that God must exist because we are moral animals, that God is our moral template.  My argument is there is no requirement for a superbeing in order to behave with moral intentions.  I think morality evolved as an aspect of the complex social structure required for mammals living in dependent and cooperative family and tribal groups.  Long discussion ensued.  Thought I'd bring it up here and see what scholarly folks think.

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I love it when people try to attach morals with god in one way or another. One simple question exposes the ridiculousness of that position. If morals come from god, then where did morals come from before god existed? Believers, of course, don't really follow at first simply because they foolishly think things have always been this way. In reality, we clearly have historical writtings that existed long before the notion of the "one true god" was ever even thought of.
And of course no one points out that god himself didn't show good moral standard in the old testament with all the murders, incest, slavery, killing of infants, etc.
The fundamentalist Christian moral code is simple: do what God says (or what you think he says) right up until the code points the finger at you and yours.  God is not bound by a human or humanist moral code.

Except for the fact that all we know about what god has said or what god wants is what is written by or told us by HUMANS!!!  God is made in our image, is understood through human eyes, made up by us and for us.  The time of deism is over for us non-theists because we see that truth:  god is a figment of the imagination of Man.


Sadly, those who believe they can know what a god wants of them are so completely entangled in their delusion they cannot see beyond it.  Science proves nothing to them.  The truth of what their senses tell them is insufficient.  No expert or wise person can shake their "faith".


What can we do, then?


Accepting another person's choice to live within the confines of a delusion is all we can do.  But what if, as when working in an ER and facing a psychotic person who poses a danger to himself and/or others and we must have that person placed in protective custody in order to get him to a psych facility, what if the religious delusions of fundamentalists put themselves or others in danger?  This mass delusion impacts the lives of  many, many people.  As does Islam, Judaism and so forth.  Isn't it frightening how much power those operating from such a severely demented and catastrophic misperception wield?

Read The Family and also C Street by Jeff Sharlet.  You will be surprised by how much power is  indeed wielded by nut cases.
Yes, the C Street, spooky stuff.  I've heard him interviewed, very interesting stuff.
gang warfare with sugar on top; but that's the level they want americans to end up as. Listen to Sick Of It All's, Death or Jail lyrics; that's to the point.
well, you could read em'. it's about how friends growing up together end up on the better side or bad side in life. check the influence sources and figure why.

No workers rights, no morality. @the end of the debate it's the education that was screwed w/by the faith-based fundies and their followers into homophobeville where they love the smell of that diesel and money.


total scam games tryin to bring up morality

either you had parents that cared or not. you're a bad person looking to harm; or a good one that knows the score.




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