Whenever I come out Atheist .. they assume I must have no ethics or morals whatsoever and that I am willing to do just about anything --- like lie, cheat and steal.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

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Thank you Joshua. I do have ethics. I will say that. Appreciate it.

Very good. Thanks.

Thank you everyone for contributing to my discussion. I enjoy reading all your thoughts and feelings on this matter.

I think you really have to turn it around on them. I keep a rolodex of examples of religious poster boys and girls doing really evil shit. I also remind them that 91% of sex offenders are of religious faith. If you look at statistics, atheists are really upstanding citizens for the most part. We also tend to be the more intelligent part of society. Remind them about scientists and others who basically make essential things they need, such as vaccines and researching new ways to advance medical technology. I go on further to remind them about their religious texts (Which most of them have NOT read). How about the fact that the 10 commandments aren't really 10 moral guidelines. They are rather really simple things that anything with a social hierarchy generally considers wrong, including chimpanzees. There are many ways to knock a judging religious individual off their high horse. You just have to find a way that you're comfortable with. Me? I tend to be a bit smart-ass with my comments. I guess I just get tired of religious dogma being the answer to everyone's problems. I know you probaby do too, Steph. Being that you're from Texas and all, lol.

Thank you Andy. Yes I realize that Atheist are upstanding citizens, we all know that, however, the religious for some reason think terrible things about us.

I appreciate your advise. I think that I will do that next time I have to deal with this again.

the guy up north that held shotgun to womans face over 70 dollars and made her read the bible etc..

the fact that broward county (*many many mega churches. etc.. lined up certain streets for how long now? more so post bush) anyhew.. "highest rate of domestic violent (some so horrific the detectives freak...)"
so i hear on chan 4 today..

yeah.. 'morally' what now??

Right I see what you mean Rational Bunny.

Well, I must suppose you really do lie, cheat, and steal...on earth in some parallel universe.  Hey, hon, you do as you damned wish and the Devil take the hindmost.  Martin Luther farted in Satan's face to send him packing. Though I must wonder what ergot he was chewing, but if it was me, I'd use the same technique to brush off holy shits, believers who question your morality.  I love your posts and your always-happy demeanor and I think these believers are secretly jealous of your freedom from the entire concept of "sin," which is itself the worst dogma every invented by people so gullible you could sell them salt water in Miami.

Right James only in a parallel universe ( like that Star Trek episode). Thanks so much for your compliment. It means a lot to me. You made my day. : )

My best friend said he envied me because now I have a license to do anything I want and I don't have to feel guilty.  I guess atheism vs. theism is just a matter of goin' a-whorin', a-eatin' and a-drinkin' without limits!

David that is exactly the attitude I am talking about. And .. I actually don't do any of those things at all. I do feel guilt when I do something wrong. I have ethics.

Stupid? Crazy? Ignorant? Lazy? or just plain foolish? Consider his measuring rod is not calibrated correctly. 




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