Whenever I come out Atheist .. they assume I must have no ethics or morals whatsoever and that I am willing to do just about anything --- like lie, cheat and steal.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

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Thank you Richard I will try that. I welcome the advise.
What did I miss here Jonathan? I need to look back in the posts.

Oh my goodness, NO. I had fun with the concept as well and fooled around with the idea today. It gave me a different way of posing the questions. You just know that your response was splendid!. 

No one seems angry that I know of.

I think they got your point. They understood your message.

My delay in answering was because my computer was down. I'm back in business. 

These are very good questions Write4U.

I like your questions, Write4U.

You are right that god is a motivator for the theist to commit crimes. Or maybe they think that they can commit the crime and get forgiveness for it. And then all is good again until they do something else wrong.

I Agree. Religion not only allows crimes against humanity and the planet, but requires dominion over both, a perfect beginning for tyranny. When a person or a people claim a piece of land because god gave it to them is evidence of delusions. When challenged about their man-made-god they deny their fabrication. They believe god created earth and the rich variety of food and soils and resources for them. The grains, plants, fruits, vegetables exist because god gave them to their people. The fish of the seas, animals of the earth, birds of the air are created for their people. The air, fire, water and soils god created for their use and right to take from anyone who is "other". 

They believe they are a chosen people. 

They think they are entitled to all this because they accepted Christ as their lord and savior. 

They believe those who do not obey and submit are going to burn in hell for eternity. 

Religion is a mental delusion, an evil personification of unseen and unseeable entities with established creeds, dogmas, litanies, songs, stories, ceremonies, rituals, attitudes, customs, traditions and values that poisons them and harms all that get in their way. 

Religion also creates faux virtues that do not stand up to basic ethics and morals. 

To be accused of being "Morally Depraved because I came out Atheist" reveals the depth of THEIR depravity. 

Thank you Joan! I enjoy all your contributions here.
I agree that religion creates faux virtues.

Let us not forget that it was Christian Orthodox Serbians who slaughtered Muslims in Bosnia. 

Christian Orthodox Serbian mass murderers were Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. 

John Ashcroft declared there is "no king but Jesus." 

Billy Graham was an opportunistic anti-semite. 

USA Air Force Academy Christians bullied Jews and atheists who were not "born again".

Right Joan there are many examples of bigotry among theists.




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