Whenever I come out Atheist .. they assume I must have no ethics or morals whatsoever and that I am willing to do just about anything --- like lie, cheat and steal.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

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....or they might think we are devils or something !

I think it's best to give up with stupid people. Why come out to  idiots ? A little discretion is wise.

Yes, that is why very few people know .. I have been using discretion Napoleon. I usually keep to myself .. I am very private. And yes, I do give up with stupid people. In fact, I just gave up recently.

Steph, what does that mean? Who did you give up with? Were you close with this person, or did you give up on telling people you are an atheist?

ha ha ha ha. Roflmao etc etc...

My heart goes out to these apparent brothers.  They look like they were living a hard life.

I agree.

The atheist movement has little organised communities or culture. And that's the only justified criticism they have of us.

While we can make a show of force at rallies/conventions, and put up billboards, alas we still lack the culture and communities to rival religion. We can't yet point to concrete humanist communities and say "There! That's my value system. That's my people". Humanism, at present, is still a vague, individualistic and global creed - whereas people are attracted to local communities with clear value systems.

Hopefully that will come in the future. The difficulty comes from (a) morality/values for atheists comes from the realm of emotions/feelings and (b) culture is somewhat arbitrary.

It will take a different breed of atheist leader, much like Alain de Botton outlined in his TED talk Atheism 2.0:

The jury is still out on whether us atheists can build lasting communities. It's a new frontier.

Richard Carrier: Is happiness the Goal of Morality?

Jonathan Haidt: What is morality and where does it come from?

Valerie Tarico: My Ten Commandments

Thank you so much Michael! I'll check those links out!

Here's another video addressing "atheists have no morals".
This one is not technical or intellectual.

Thanks Michael!

We are good without god.

You've given me much to ponder,Michael R. Good day to you,sir.


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