Whenever I come out Atheist .. they assume I must have no ethics or morals whatsoever and that I am willing to do just about anything --- like lie, cheat and steal.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

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Thanks for sharing Phillip. I was indoctrinated.

Write4U thanks so much for the link. I'll find that very useful indeed!
Very much appreciated!

Write4U, thanks for the link, and I enjoy Skepticalscience very much.  

Steph, reading through your statements and others’ I continue to think of myths in reference to the virgin birth of Jesus; my curiosity peaked and I went on a hunt to see if there were other virgin births of great men of history. I couldn’t find all the mothers’ names, some were snakes, and others were flashes of light. If someone calls you “depraved” without giving you a reasonable answer as to why he/she makes such a statement, they say more about the person making a claim against you, than about you. Here are some of the men who claimed, or others claimed them, to be born of a virgin.

Virgins gave birth to:

Mary > Jesus
Danae of Argos > Perseus
Catlicus > Buddha
Coatlicue >  Huitzilophocheli
Chimalma > Quetzalcoatl, used cross as symbol
Nama > Attis
Hoelun > Genghas Khan
Devaki > Krishna
Isis > Horus
Maia > Mercury
Rhea Sylvia > Romulus
? > King Amunothph III
Nama > Phrygia
A rainbow > Fohi, China, divine
?  > Codom of Siam, "Deliverer"
Anahita  > Mithra
Alcmene  > Hercules
Semele  > Dionysus
?  > Quirrnus
Olympias  > Alexander the Great
?  > Indra
Myrrha, Ishtar  > Adonis
?  > Bacchus
?  > Hermes
?  > Prometheus
?  > Perseus
A holy-snake  > Caesar Augustus
?  > Rebekkah
?  > Isaac
Amphictione  > Plato
?  > Publius Africanus
Hera  > Hephaestus
?  > Attis
?  > Danae
?  > Melanippe
?  > Auge
?  > Antiope










Sorry I tried to retain columns, but haven't solved that problem yet. 

And the whole thing is so ridiculous. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. The closer one looks at religious claims of the supernatural, the funnier it becomes ... unless some fool calls Steph "depraved". That really annoys me.  

Thank you Joan! I sure do appreciate all the support you have given me.
Yes, I agree that their claims are like fairy tales. Like a bad fantasy movie.

Awww how sweet! A picture of a smiley holding a coffee cup.

I just drank my French Vanilla coffee too!

i feel more moral than my theist freinds because i am a good moral person because i think it is the right way to live not because of promise of reward or fear of punishment stay strong

I also feel more moral than theists. Yes, we are good and ethical without having to be bribed into promise of rewards in heaven.

It's true that your son is making more of a sacrifice than the firefighters that are theists because he knows this is his only life. Therefore, this one life is the only one he has and is very special.
I agree it is hard to tell theists that there is no heaven. I think that afterlife concept prevents many of them from leaving their religion. They want to think of themselves as immortal.

Davey, Very beautifully, powerfully, wisely stated. 

May I presume to add that the basic, fundamental errors of religions are: SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/joandenoo/Documents/00%20Denoo,%20Joan%20writings/six%20basic%20errors%20are.doc

1.  God created man in god’s image. - Anthropocentrism

2.  God created man, male, in his male, god image. - Sexism

3.  God created the white race superior to other races. - Racism

4.  God created man to have dominion over all that swims, crawls, flies. - Dominionism

5.  God created man to worship the “one true god.” - Exceptionalism

6.  God is sovereign – Theocentrism

7. God created man to obey - I don't know what label to put on that one. 

Please feel free to add other errors I overlooked. 




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