Whenever I come out Atheist .. they assume I must have no ethics or morals whatsoever and that I am willing to do just about anything --- like lie, cheat and steal.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

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Don't let it get you down.  We all need to deal with people are just pinheads.  As long as mankind has lived, pinheads have walked among them.  Just remind yourself why you're Atheist, because you're smarter than they are.

Thank you Chris! That helps!

Hey Jonathan, what's keeping you up so late? Or perhaps it's not so late where you are. I'm quite certain there are many such fundamentalists who would be homicidal maniacs without the fear of god, and probably even more because of their irrational fears. I certainly wouldn't argue that having religion around is a good thing because of the number of people kept "straight" who might otherwise run rampant. But that's the beauty of the response, because whether they would or would not be wildly immoral without fear of god, or expectation of reward from god, they certainly can't say that the only thing keeping them in line is their beliefs without giving themselves away. Even the hint that people can't remain good without god casts their whole character into doubt, and enables us to respond accordingly (promptly running away might be the most prudent course of action at this peculiar moment).

Hey Jonathan! I don't mind getting messages from you in my inbox. I enjoy hearing about you. Maybe you could start a discussion on sharing challenges. I'd love to read it.

Jonathan, I didn't mean blindness has anything to do with atheism. I mean because you are blind have you developed other senses? For example, since you weren't out playing baseball as a child, did you spend more time thinking or listening or whatever? 

Did you think about such things as god or no-god? Did you ask "Why me?" and did you find an answer?  

One study, "Do the auditory skills of the visually impaired compensate for their loss of sight?" found, "part of the brain that normally handles vision does not just die or atrophy without input. It somehow adds functionality to process subtle auditory information." 

Did atheism offer any benefit or play any role in your facing you challenges? 

Who is the elite?

Good question Steph. I assumed Jonathan meant the cultural elite, like professors and prominent personalities (e.g. Sam Harris?), but if he meant the power elite then we're even more screwed.

I think I pretty much agree with you but, having thought about this problem for as long as I can remember, I see this as much a political problem as a cultural problem. Certainly it would help things if the government were on our side, but I also think that without a concerted effort to educate the masses, atheism hasn't got much of a chance in the foreseeable future of uprooting religion, especially in those under-educated, backwoods, backwards, deep South, Bible Belt places where people take so much pride in being so monstrously wrong in all the ways that matter.


Oregon eh? I loved Eugene when I was there once, beautiful, just beautiful. I've always wanted to go back. One glorious day I hope...

Yeah Oregon is beautiful! Wish I was there! I bet the weather is nice.
Ok thanks Jonathan I was wondering what you meant by that term.
Media ... And hollywood .. Like tv programs .. They tell people what to think all the time.


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